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Moving to River Edge tips

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If you are planning on moving to River Edge and are not quite sure what to expect or how to prepare, there is no need to despair! The following article will guide you through the whole process with great simplicity and ease. So, buckle up, and let’s get started!

What is to expect from moving to River Edge?

Before you start packing your bags and calling River Edge movers for assistance, you ought to know what to expect of moving to River Edge. What will your life be like? How much will it cost? Is it a good place for raising a family?

Parents kissing their baby
Is moving to River Edge the right decision for your family?

Let us introduce River Edge by saying that it is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey. Weather-wise, it is one of the most comfortable places for living in New Jersey. There are 205 sunny days per year, with September, June, and May being the most pleasant months in River Edge. January and February are the least comfortable months, with the winter drop falling to 26 degrees Fahrenheit, while July high usually reaches 85 degrees.

Costs of living are higher than the national average, with housing being the biggest contributor to this statistic. Transportation is also on the costly side. However, people describe River Edge to be a wonderful place for raising children, as there is an abundance of nice parks and good schools. To sum up, your life here will prove to be truly comfortable and pleasant, as long as you can afford it.

How to prepare for your relocation?

Depending on the distance you are about to travel, there might be more or less preparation involved. However, one thing is certain: starting early is always smart. Since there will be no lack of tasks, it is wise to grant yourself ample time to address each with due attention. And, having that there will be a lot to take care of, leaving it all to your memory is not the best route to take. With this in mind, we strongly advise that you create a checklist all with a corresponding timeline.

What should this checklist contain?

It can be as elaborate or as plain as you prefer. Just make sure that it fulfills its purpose, and that is to ensure nothing is being overlooked or forgotten during this hectic period. The complementary timeline will help you stay super organized, and even alleviate some inevitable stress. You will know exactly what you are supposed to do at what time, without having to worry if other things require your attention.

A checklist for moving to River Edge
A checklist will ensure you are on top of every task, and not falling behind on schedule.

With that said, some of the things that ought to have their place on your moving checklist include:

Going into detail a tad more

There are a few more chores that will help you with moving to River Edge, and that would be good to incorporate in your list. These will prove to be helpful especially if you feel like you are stumbling in the dark, and need a bit more information regarding the important tasks.

  1. when purging your belongings, separate them into three groups: keep, toss, donate. The items you have used in the past year are for keeping. Things that have lost their initial purpose and have no other to serve belong in the trash. Lastly, objects that are useless to you, but can be useful to someone else should be donated.
  2. when finding a moving company, be sure to compare at least three estimates before making your final decision. This will help you find the best deal.
  3. while buying packing materials from a moving company is your safest option quality-wise, it can be pricey. So, it is good to know that you have other options. Especially if you want to save some money along the way. Visit your local grocery shops, warehouses, liquor, and clothing stores for some boxes. Just make sure to check that they are damage-, stain- and odor-free.
  4. since the week of the move will be hectic enough as it is, planning for food can be quite the challenge. We suggest that you kill two birds with one stone here, and prepare your meals the weekend before with the things occupying your freezer. Not only will you skip throwing away food you cannot transport, but you will also have a nice, home-cooked meal.

How to pack?

Start with items you use the least. Now, if you are moving from a warmer climate to River Edge (where it is currently wintertime), make sure that you pack winter clothes the last. This will help you ease into everyday life over there with greater ease.

Heavy objects go into your smaller boxes, while those bulky and light ones are for bigger packages. In addition, when packing your books or smaller kitchen appliances, try not to overfill the box. You don’t want to have your belongings damaged for the sake of saving a box or two.

When put on a pile, books weigh more than you might think.

Do not forget to label your boxes upon taping them shut. Not only will this help with finding what you need with greater ease, but it will also make your packing much shorter and simpler.

Certain things to be kept in mind when moving to River Edge

If at any point in your relocation you feel like you are struggling, do not hesitate from calling for aid. Whether it is a helping hand from your friends or professional assistance from a reliable moving company, make that phone call. There is no need to have a stressful and miserable relocation when you can actually enjoy it. If you are struggling with any particular problem of your move, like having items that are too bulky or fragile to move, professionals are your best choice. If you are in need of some additional space, or cannot move all of your belongings right now, consider leaving them in storage NJ.

It won’t take much for you to enjoy and look forward to moving to River Edge. Proper organization and some assistance here and there will ensure this big change in your life starts off on the right foot.

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