Bluebell Relocation Services

Thank you for choosing Bluebell Relocation Services, we are happy to provide you, the Shipper, the estimate based on the list of items and services you requested at the time the estimate was prepared. The BINDING estimate is based upon the specific items to be moved based on the list provided and approved by the You and services ordered as listed on the estimate. Your estimated and/ or final bill may change if you order additional services, add additional items, if we need to pack your goods to be moved or anything that are not listed on the estimate. In such cases, a revised written visual estimate will be executed prior to any services being performed. The Estimated Transportation Cost is BINDING based on the list of items used to calculate your estimate volume (cubic feet) provided to you prior to move date. Customer Responsibility is to make sure that all boxes and fragile items are packed, boxed up and ready for pick-up unless noted differently on the Binding Estimate Cost for Service. The estimate covers only the articles and services listed. The estimate will control the shipment, its terms and charges. Please advise your sales representative if you have any article that are out of ordinary, oversized furniture or bulky items so we can make the proper adjustments on your estimate. Not notifying us of any out of ordinary furniture will impact your final volume and will increase your final price. It is your responsibility to verify your inventory list and notify us of any changes or missing items on the list prior to move day. On the moving day, we will honor the written estimate as long there are no additional items to be moved or any services not listed on your estimate. You are free to change your list on the moving day, but be advised the addition of any extra item or service will increase your final bill. If additional items or service is detected on the moving day the Foreman will give you a revised estimated to be approved by you. You have the right to don’t agree with the revised and in this case, we will proceed the move with the original estimate and any additional item or service will not be performed or transported. If you decide to cancel your move all together because you feel that we should load additional items at no additional cost, your deposit will become non refundable to cover the costs of the day. The estimated volume is not guaranteed and may be adjusted based on your actual volume, our accuracy is based on the accuracy of your description of items and services required.  Do not expect us to load any items at no additional cost, make sure that any agreement between you and your sales representative is in writing on your estimate, we will not honor or validate verbal agreements. Our company policy is very clear, please read it and any questions please let us know.


Basic Full Service Moving:

  • Tolls, Gas, Mileage and Taxes.
  • Detailed Itemized Inventory List on Move Date.
  • Special Moving Blankets to Wrap and Protect Your Non – Fragile Items.*
  • Basic Disassembling and Assembling of Basic Furniture (if needed).*
  • BASIC Valuation Protection at the rate of $1.00 per pound per article.
  • Moving of your household goods up to 75 feet to our moving truck from the entrance of your place of origin and up to 75 feet from our moving truck to the entrance of your final destination.
  • One free flight of stairs at your place of origin and at your final destination (one flight of stairs is equal to one floor up or down, not to exceed 12 steps).

*Standard dis-assembly/reassembly, wrapping and loading/unloading does not include unusual or custom-built furniture, press-board or particle board furniture (e.g. Ikea items), heavy objects (e.g. safes) or unusually large, awkward or unwieldy items.

The Binding Estimate Cost for Service Does NOT Includes Unless Stated on the Estimate:

  • Packing and boxing of items such as dishes, clothes, books, children’s toys, mattresses, etc.
  • Boxing of fragile and breakable items requiring special care.
  • Packing and boxing of TV’s, computer monitors, glass table tops, mirrors and pictures.

NOTE: Full Packing Service is available at additional cost and is NOT included in the Basic Full Service Moving service. Unpacking service at your final destination may be available at an additional charge and includes removing packed items from boxes and placing them on a flat surface (does NOT include placing items in closets, drawers, cabinets, etc.)

Potential Accessorial Services and Additional fees (if applicable to the move): It is customary for Bluebell Relocation Services  to offer additional service options to the customer. Optional services include, but are not limited to, storage, packing, materials, unpacking, appliance servicing, shuttle, long carry, rigging hoisting and lowering, wooden crating, exclusive use of vehicle, guaranteed delivery, etc. If customer orders an additional service or an additional service is required to complete the move, then the charge for the service will be added to the final bill.

Accessorial post contract services or Additional Services are not included in your estimate unless stated otherwise:

  • Stairs: Each flight of stairs $50.00 (12 steps = 1 flight) 1st 12 steps are Free
  • Long carry: 1st 75 ft. is free – Each additional 75 ft. will be charged $50.00
  • Packing of fragile/delicate items (such as TVs, glass, etc.); packing and crating services not already listed within proposal; loading of bulky items (such as a motorcycle).
  • Storage: any additional month will be charged at $50.00 per 100 cu.ft. Per month with a minimum of $120.00 per month (Storage fees are not prorated).

Please note that the inventory items listed below are not guaranteed volume (cubic feet) accuracy unless a not exceed estimate is chosen. The inventory provided by you or by a onsite estimator on this Binding Estimate Cost for Service is only used as a tool for the carrier to generate your total cubic feet (Volume Amount). Any additional cubic feet or any additional services added on move-out day will result in an additional cost based on the terms the Binding Estimate Cost for Service (once booked) and our company’s full Tariff. This estimate includes labor, loading, unloading, and basic valuation – this estimate is not a contract for services or guarantee of any kind. All items being shipped must be properly packed or they will not be moved.

Move Details and Conditions:
Price may change based on availability and is not final until reservation is booked with deposit
If you did NOT provide your deposit or signed your estimate, your move date and time is NOT confirmed
Price is subject to change if date/time of reservation is changed
Rescheduling: 15 days notice prior to the move date required in order to avoid penalties, once move is rescheduled the deposit becomes nonrefundable. You can reschedule once with no fee, after that or within 15  days $200 fee will apply
Payment is accepted only by Cash, US Postal Money Order or Credit Card
The final price can change if the customer has more/less furniture & boxes
Price includes blankets for Furniture Protection during the move
Price already includes all fuel and mileage, Tolls are NOT included
Furniture must be emptied by customer prior to the move
Customer must unplug any electronic components, movers will not unplug or install any electronic components and are not responsible for any mechanical or electrical condition. We do not remove TV’s from the wall or A/C units from the window
Customer is responsible for Muni-Meter payments
Waiting time charge is applicable if there are any delays caused by customer or building’s management
Bluebell Relocation is not responsible for delays due to road traffic conditions or building’s time restrictions
Customer or his/her legal representative (a power of attorney must be provided prior to the move) MUST BE present at all times of move stages. If not, customer MUST ACKNOWLEDGE in writing prior to the move that Bluebell Relocation will NOT be responsible for any claims regarding the forgotten, misplaced, damaged, lost items or any such claims from buildings management.
VALUATION COVERAGE FOR YOUR BELONGINGS: Your belongings will be covered with free BASIC coverage of $1.00 per pound per article (item) by default as required by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. If you would like to purchase the optional Full Value Protection – see details below. Any additional coverage MUST be purchased at least 24 hours prior to the move and CANNOT be added on under any circumstances the day of the move. For moves into storage additional valuation is for MOVE ins only, separate coverage must be purchased for the MOVE OUT of the storage.
CANCELLATION/ RESCHEDULE:  Move may be cancelled or reschedule with no additional charges if you contact the office by phone and email no later than 15 days prior to the move date, once move is reschedule the deposit becomes non refundable. You can reschedule once with no fee, after that or within 15 days a $200 fee will apply. According to Bluebell Relocation Services cancellation policy in the event of an emergency or if I decide to cancel my move all together for various reasons, I agree to provide a minimum of 15 days’ notice prior to moving date in order not to be charged a cancellation fee. In the event I fail to provide Bluebell Relocation Services with 15  days notice, I agree that my deposit will become NON-REFUNDABLE, if move is canceled on the moving day, I am responsible for 100% of the estimate and will be charged on my credit card.  All jobs booked from the 25th through the 4th of any month are subject to a penalty of 100% of the total price if rescheduling/cancellation notice provided within 5 business days of the original move date! Minimum Cancellation fee is $250 or 30% of the estimate, whichever is greater.
ESTIMATE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: (Unless Stated otherwise): Packing Materials (boxes, tapes, bubble warp, mattress cover etc.), Tolls if Applicable, Parking Tickets, Any Special Services that requires a third-party company to perform the service (unless stated otherwise). Inquiry about our different options of packing services or our All-Inclusive Package.
LIABILITY/ WAIVER: Bluebell Relocation Services provides two valuation options: Limited liability and full replacement value (FVP). Both plans cover furniture and boxes packed/unpacked by Bluebell Relocation Services. We suggest you purchase third party insurance to protect your property. Please read carefully before making your selection. Limited liability is subject to the maximum valuation of $1.00 per pound per article and in compliance with and subject to the provisions of 49 CFR Section 375.701(a) and NJ Division of Consumer affairs.  FVP is available upon request, please check with your relocation specialist.  Bluebell Relocation Services cannot control whether proper packing methods are used by shipper, therefore on boxes packed by the owner as well as pressed wood (particle board) furniture, fragile or brittle items such as glass, china, ornaments, etc.; liability is limited to $1.00 per pound per article. Bluebell Relocation Services has the right to inspect and repair any alleged damage. Consumer shipper waives all claims and Bluebell Relocation Services is not liable or negligent for any damage to the interior or exterior of any residence including, but not limited to walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, banisters, carpets, plumbing, doorways, driveways, walkways, landscaping, etc. In addition, you are not able to give to us to carry and we accept no liability whatsoever for firearms, jewelry, cash, bank notes, any financial instruments, hazardous materials, liquids.
LEGAL PROCESS NOTICE TO ALL CLAIMS: Bluebell Relocation Services shall not be liable for the loss or damage of the goods unless claim is made in writing supported by proof of ownership, value, and weight. As a condition precedent, all outstanding monies due to Bluebell Relocation Services must be paid in full before any claim can be made. Claims must be filed within 3 months of delivery or demand thereof is refused and must be limited to the destination descriptions of damages for each item on the inventory logs. All damages and missing items must be noted on the inventory logs. Damage indications must specify each item damaged at the time of delivery. Shipper or agent has full authority to order services and enter into agreement.
COI (CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE): We provide COI if it is required by your building management to perform a move, but it is customer’s responsibility to obtain the requirements from the management and provide them to us via email. Any Delay due to failure to provide COI request it will be at customer responsibility. Failure to provide COI requirements at least 48 business hours prior moving day, its subject to a $200 certificate fee.
Bluebell relocation services, llc. In agreement with new jersey administrative code title 13. Law and public safety chapter 44d, provides all customers with the copy of important notice to consumer using public movers and warehouseman. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REVIEW . For a full terms and conditions please visit: http://bluebellreloc.wpengine.com/local-move-terms-and-conditions-binding/