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Living in a brownstone in Jersey City

Row of brownstones

Brownstones are a unique part of the architecture around the Hudson River. People usually think of them as synonymous with New York and particularly Brooklyn. But if you’re hiring Bluebell Moving and Storage for relocation to Jersey City, you may also end up in a brownstone! And if you’ve never lived in one you probably don’t know what to expect. For all that brownstones litter popular culture set in New York, no one really and honestly talks about what it’s like to be living in a brownstone in Jersey City. So today, we will tell you everything you need to know!

A street you may be considering for living in a brownstone in Jersey City.

What is a brownstone and how is it different from other types of houses or buildings?

Brownstones are a type of multi-story rowhouse or townhouse. This means brownstones are attached or built close to homes on either side of the street to them, located close to the sidewalk and identical or very similar to the rest of the houses on the street. But in order for a rowhouse or townhouse to be a brownstone, its facade must be made of brown sandstone which gives it the iconic brown color. Brownstones are famously common in the older Brooklyn and Upper West Side Manhattan neighborhoods of New York. But Jersey City movers are also familiar with them and you’ll find some in Hoboken too.

What is living in a brownstone in Jersey City really like?

Brownstones are beautiful and historic buildings. But the majority of people in Jersey City don’t actually live in them. This means you probably haven’t had the opportunity to hear what life in a brownstone really is like. Well, here’s what you need to know!

Living in a brownstone in Jersey City can be pretty amazing

You’ll definitely enjoy brownstone living if:

  • you like historical buildings
  • you can and want to invest in renovating and maintaining it
  • the entire brownstone is yours or you co-own with people you know and trust
Side view of a brownstone.

The thing you have to remember about brownstones is that they are old. This makes them beautiful and unique – you’ll find that they are quite spacious and have a lot of light coming in through few but huge windows. But this also means they require a lot of work. You’ll especially want to pay attention to pests and insulation. And since some come without all the appliances, you may need to work on that as well. It is precisely because of this that it’s best to own the entire building. That way you won’t have to rely on tenants and co-owners and wonder if they’re paying their fair share. Besides, walls in brownstones tend to be quite thin. So it’s best if you live in them the way it was intended – as a single family, not with tenants.

Living in a brownstone in Jersey City can also be pretty awful

Unfortunately, living in a brownstone in Jersey City can also be a nightmare. If you co-own with someone who’s not pulling their weight or simply don’t have the budget for maintenance, brownstones quickly turn into dilapidated disasters due to their age. If you share with other tenants, you’ll hear pretty much every step they take. And those stairs that your residential movers hate when moving you in? They’re not the most accessible to the elderly or the disabled either. So think carefully before moving in!

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