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Interstate moving checklist – tips and tricks  

interstate move

If you are getting ready for an out of state relocation, you may not be sure where exactly to start. Luckily, below you will find the best interstate moving checklist with many helpful tips and tricks. Additionally, you will find both steps for preparation and budget-saving tips. If you follow the list closely, you will be able to stay in control of your relocation. Not only this, but you will do it at the best possible cost. Therefore, if you want to move across the state in the best way, this checklist is exactly what you need. With some of the most effective ways to move out of state, you will have nothing to worry about. Keep reading to learn more about this! 

Make sure you do proper research on your potential future state 

Whether or not you have already decided upon the exact state you’ll move to, research is always important. Namely, this is the case even if you are still in the process of considering which state to choose. Specifically, this is the very first step you should take in your interstate moving checklist. One of the best ways to go about this is to clear your schedule and dedicate some time to doing proper research.  

research interstate moving checklist

During this time, you should look for some important things about your potential state. For example, check out the tax fees, weather conditions, transportation, healthcare, and similar. Also, if you have kids, this is the time to research the schools in the state in question. Although you will be excited to move, you should still focus on the necessary preparation steps. Therefore, make sure to research everything and make a wise decision.  

Look for a house or apartment to call your new home 

The second most important step should be looking for a new home in your future state. Obviously, you cannot begin looking for a new home after you relocate to your new state. Keep in mind that you need an address to give to your mover to deliver your belongings. Also, you and your family will need a place to sleep when you finally arrive. Therefore, you will want to do your research in advance. However, finding a perfect home will probably require the help of an agent. Since you probably aren’t familiar with your future state, it would be best to find the best real estate agent. In any case, keep in mind that it is always better to see the house for yourself together with the agent. 


During this process, you should also go about researching your kids’ school in the area. Namely, you will want to know in which area your children will have to attend school. Along with this, make sure you know exactly the size of your new home. This is especially important if you will have to downsize your home for the relocation. Also, if you do the research, you will have all the necessary information in advance. For example, you’ll know to tell your movers to prepare to move large items with ease, if you don’t need to downsize. 

Decluttering your home will help you a lot in the long run 

If you want to make your home as ready for the interstate move as possible, make sure you declutter it. Namely, this is the right time to give away some of your belongings that you don’t need any longer. Specifically, get rid of anything you don’t want to bring with you when you move house. In doing this, you will be able to reduce the costs of your move to some extent. If you did the necessary research on your future state, you will be able to plan accordingly 


Also, if you know the exact size of your new home, you will know what you can bring with you. Therefore, you should get rid of anything unnecessary. For example, you most likely will not need your old cabinets and benches. These will only take up space in your moving truck that you could use for more important items. If you aren’t sure what to bring, contact a professional moving company. The experts at moving services NJ will be able to help you prepare everything you need. In any case, getting rid of as many things as possible will only help you in the long run. Also, getting one thing off of your interstate moving checklist will make the preparations more enjoyable. 

Set up an interstate moving Budget and stick to it 

After you decide what you will bring with you on your interstate relocation, it’s time to set up a budget. This is one of the most important parts of your interstate relocation. Keep in mind that relocation is never cheap, especially if you are doing it out of your state. However, if you plan your budget in advance, you will most likely be able to cut some cost. You can easily achieve this by being smart with your relocation.  

Namely, an interstate move with professional movers can cost as high as over $4,000. However, this isn’t the case with interstate movers NJ.  Not only do they offer expert services, but they also do it at an affordable price. Moreover, even if you decide to do the move on your own, bear in mind that you will still need an appropriate budget. Specifically, you will still need to rent a moving truck and a storage unit. Along with these, consider insurance, gas, and temporary accommodation as additional costs. 

Other important things to put on your interstate moving checklist 

Besides staying organized and doing research, there are other steps which will help you during this process. For example, you will want to find a really good moving company in advance. Specifically, look for one who specializes in out of state relocation. Then, you should make a plan for your packing process. In this way, you will have a clear timeline to follow. In the meantime, you should deal with some official errands. Namely, it is important not to forget to change your address to your new house and request a transfer of your utility bills. 

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