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How to use leftover packing supplies after moving to Toms River, NJ

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Are you looking for ways to use leftover packing supplies after moving to Toms River?  You’re in the right place! As a company with years of experience in the matter, Bluebell Moving and Storage have decided to share a few tips and tricks. Dive in to see what you can do with the leftover packing materials and supplies. 

Use leftover packing materials after moving to Toms River by donating them

First and foremost, you can always donate the items that you no longer need. That way you help other people while also helping yourself. It may be a little hard to pack those materials, depending on how big of a move it was. That’s one of the reasons why relocation companies NJ offer packing services. You can check in with your family and friends and see if someone could use your leftover packing supplies after moving to Toms River. There’s a big chance that they might know someone who would benefit from your additional material. You can always just post online and try to find someone from your city who needs it. If you need to find out more about the places that you can donate your materials to, you can always call local moving companies and ask them for advice. 

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Recycling is also a good option!

Many materials that are used in the moving process can be effectively recycled. For example, paper and cardboard boxes are materials that can be recycled easily. There are even some companies that will pay you a certain amount of cash in exchange for the used paper. Recycling is a good option as you’re getting rid of the materials and getting more space in your home. If you’re sure that you don’t want to use remaining packing supplies after moving to Toms River then seriously consider recycling them!

Use leftover packing supplies after moving to Toms River to make some money

If you have materials that can be used again, like plastic boxes or cardboard boxes whose structure is firm, you can always sell them online. Even if you don’t get a lot of money for doing it, you’ll still clean the space while having some income. Another positive side of this idea is that you can give additional materials away for free to the person that comes to get them. You can just sit at the comfort of your home while the person who needs it comes and brings it away. 

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Don’t want to deal with the materials at all? Think in advance! 

Movers Toms River NJ offers packing, relocating, and renting services. When you rent packing materials, you don’t have to deal with them after the move. You simply return them to the company you rented them from, which makes it a lot easier. Sometimes, after we move and spend all of our energy focused on reaching our new home, we end up not having enough energy to deal with the leftover issues like “what to do with those materials now”. That’s why renting those materials might be a good option. 

Use leftover packing supplies after moving to Toms River as storage

While you might not find many uses for all materials that have been used through your moving process, one thing that you can always re-use are packing boxes. If you moved long-distance, chances are that you have plastic cans or boxes which can be reused. For example, as a storage option. If you need firm, reliable boxes to keep your items away from the moisture in the garage, sheds, or at the attic, plastic bins are a perfect choice for that. You can even turn them around and place them on the side, glue them with a silicone gun and use them as a cat house or as shelves – if they are rectangular. 

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Save boxes for the next move

If you see another move happening any time in the foreseeable future, it might be wise to hold onto your boxes for awhile. Packing services NJ can help you pack your items next time you’re moving. Holding on to your packing materials doesn’t mean that you have to do all the work! If you’re out of the space and need to place them somewhere else, consider asking friends or family if they have space at their attic. Or alternative storage ideas. Materials that last long can always be of help and reused in a wide variety of scenarios.

Use leftover materials for DIY projects 

Materials like bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and packing papers can be used as DIY materials. For starters, you can decorate cardboard boxes. When you’re done, you can place them on the wardrobe or under the bed. That way, you can use them as storage space – it will look very cute! Plastic ones are a good idea for the bathroom. As they can’t get damaged when they come in contact with water. The packing paper and cardboard boxes can be good materials for pet shelters. If you have a dog or a cat, they might benefit from another hiding place. Even if you don’t have a pet, there may be kittens in front of your building. Keep in mind that they may be needing a home!

Use leftover packing materials after moving to Toms River for DIY projects:

  • Save the bubble plastic for kids to play with
  • Use the tapes for birthday present wrapping
  • Make pet houses out of boxes
  • Use the boxes as storage options
  • Styrofoam can be used to fill in the pillow

Think wisely before you get rid of your packing materials

Before you decide to get rid of your packing materials, keep in mind that you might soon need some of them. There are numerous ways to use leftover packing supplies after moving to Toms River. Styrofoam and sellotape, for example, can be effectively used in other aspects of life. Styrofoam pieces can be used to fill in a pillow for you or your pet as well. You can use packing paper can for rustic decoration, or as a paper to write an old-looking card on. There’s plenty of opportunities to use the materials if you’re creative! Bluebell moving services is always there for you if you decide that you don’t want to deal with materials at all and decide to rent it. 

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