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How to tell if you live in a safe neighborhood

One of the top priorities when looking into where to move is the safety of your neighborhood. Everyone wants to feel safe – it’s only natural. But how can you tell if you live in a safe neighborhood? Now, that can be quite tricky. After all, every neighborhood wants to present itself as safe for newcomers, even when it might not be. Therefore, before you start planning your relocation with your North NJ movers, make sure you inform yourself well about where you are moving. In this article, find some of the most useful tips that will help you gauge just how safe your neighborhood really is.

Take note of how kids behave in the neighborhood

One of the best characteristics that can point you towards the neighborhood safety levels is how comfortable everyone is with the idea of kids playing outside. It’s simple, really. If you are not living in a safe neighborhood, then you would not want your kids out in the streets. Sometimes, this might even mean you do not want them out during the daylight, not only in the evenings.

a child playing in the street

Therefore, before you call your Hoboken movers, stroll to Hoboken, for example, and take note of where the kids are. Conversely, if you are living there already, all you will want to do is listen out. There is just something about the sound of kids playing outside that can give you comfort, knowing everything is safe.

Of course, kids on their bikes, yelling, laughing, playing ball, etc. might also cause discomfort with some people. This does mean that the neighborhood is safe, but it also means you might have to deal with some noisy neighborhoods. However, we believe it is a small price to pay. Do you?

Crime rates can tell you if you live in a safe neighborhood

Sadly, you cannot really visit your future neighborhood at any point in time. Especially when you are moving with cross country movers NJ, you will need to research and learn about your future home online. Luckily, there is something that can help with this too. Another amazing indicator of neighborhood safety is the crime rate.

This doesn’t mean you need to be peeled to the news, constantly watching for any crimes happening in the area. There are many amazing online tools that can tell you a lot about what’s happening just as easily. Many of these also offer “crime rate scores” – and you will want to avoid the neighborhoods with high crime rates.

You might also want to venture a bit further, however, and check the city’s website too. There might be some police-community engagement activities there, and these can offer great pointers to how safe you will be. You can also contact the local police station too, and get specific information. There are many resources available – so make sure you do thorough research and go through them.

How does the community behave as a whole can tell you if you live in a safe neighborhood

The community living in the neighborhood is always one of the best pointers toward the overall safety of your new home. Therefore, make sure you use this as well to gauge just how safe you will be there. There is no safe neighborhood where the members of the community themselves aren’t working on keeping it that way – at least in some way. And what is the most common way to do this? Watch groups.

a watch group sign that tells you you live in a safe neighborhood

Usually, people will group up and patrol the neighborhood themselves, and they will report any suspicious behavior. This way, they stop any potential criminal intentions and keep the neighborhood safe. They might also not trust you at first, since you are a newcomer. But after throwing a creative housewarming party, we are sure they will grow to like you.

And this leads us to another amazing pointer of the overall safety of a neighborhood. Community events often tell stories about the safety of a neighborhood. If there are many of these – or things like farmers’ markets – in your neighborhood, you should be safe. Everyone knows each other thanks to these, and they ensure everyone stays safe. You will also be able to meet new people after moving to your area. They might be selling things they make or grow in their garden or offer services – but they can also be a potential new friend too. You will get to introduce yourself and get to become a part of the community much easier through them.

How many businesses are around you?

Finally, a great way to tell your neighborhood is safe is to take a look at how many businesses you can name in it. If there are a lot of businesses, it means they are prospering there. And they can only do so when people shop around a lot. This means they are financially secure, which doesn’t happen often in unsafe neighborhoods.

a farmers' market

Take note of how many shops are there, and the variety that’s on offer. Are there bookstores, coffee shops, and family-restaurants? Not to go into stereotypes – but these are often found in the neighborhoods more on the “safer” side of the spectrum. Even if they are not there, take note of what you find. It tells you a lot about what the community is craving, and what they like to splurge on. This can also give you a good picture of where you are going to move – and what you might enjoy here.

And even if you find you do not live in a safe neighborhood, there are things you can do. Try to start a neighborhood watch in order to keep it safe, for example. You will definitely not be alone. Keep in mind that everyone wants to fight for their safety. Meanwhile, if the neighborhood is safe, try to get it to stay that way. Get involved in the community and you should have a great life there.

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