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How to stage your Newark home for sale

Interior home design

You are moving home and it is time to sell the old one. You are probably wondering, what would be the best way to do it in order to achieve the best price? Yes, the best way is to stage your Newark home and make it more presentable to the buyer. But that is not the only thing you must do in the upcoming weeks. You should cover your relocation, pack your stuff, declutter, cover legalities, and search for moving companies in NJ for small moves. Let us help you organize and prepare for it.

Let us take care of the moving plan before we stage your Newark home properly

It doesn’t matter if you are selling your property before or after the move. You will surely move which means you must have a moving plan in place. Start with a moving checklist with all steps you must cover before the moving day. Then you’ll need to obtain packing materials and organize the packing process. And finally, the most important part of each relocation. A search for the best movers in Newark NJ.

A couple ready for moving
Make sure you are ready to relocate before you embark on this journey.

You want your precious cargo and your family safely relocated to your new home. Therefore, the best way is to find a reliable and affordable moving company. Browse online, compare prices, services, read reviews, and soon enough you’ll find a match. And to make it all easier, we must recommend Bluebell Relocation Services NJ as the best moving choice in the area. Check them out and secure the moving services you deserve. Not to mention that movers offer staging service as well so they can help you stage your Newark residence. You can afford it, so why not relocate with style? More importantly, the safest way possible.

Are the professional staging services for you?

This is how it works. You will schedule a meeting with an evaluation expert in order to layout a staging plan. Upon the evaluation, you’ll know what your options are. If you need to remove any furniture from your home, or to add more. Or maybe you can remove it all completely and let the provider bring in the complete setup. You can choose the layout that you like the most or let the staging representative guide you each step of the way. And they know best so it would be smart to let them do their work. It is what you are paying them for after all. The bottom line is, if you stage your Newark home the right way, you will make it more appealing and it will sell faster.

trying to stage your Newark home
Give it a try. Maybe staging services is exactly what you need.

Follow the trends

Your staging service providers will do wonders with your property. These are a few examples of the service you’ll get:

  • Online advertisement – Many buyers browse the merchandise online before checking it live. Staging services will make it happen by taking photos of the interior and exterior and uploading the website. Let them show the beautiful architecture your property possesses to the wider audience.
  • Realtor services – If you are using a realtor or a real estate agent, even better. A staged home is bound to be sold in no time. Your real estate expert will have a much easier time if presenting a staged home to the buyer.
  • Curb appeal – It matters greatly how your home looks like from the outside. You will put up a sign that you are selling a property. But what is behind it matters the most. Staging services will provide an opportunity for a facelift your home is longing for.

You can stage your Newark residence while occupied or vacant

As we mentioned before, you can do this before or after the move. But keep in mind that you will have to choose between those two options depending on the state your home is in. If you must renovate or re-decorate before selling, maybe it would be best to move out first. Then you can complete all adjustments peacefully and without any damages to your belongings and furniture. On the other hand, it is uncommon that a home is already ready for staging. Just a few adjustments and you are good to go. Communicate the details with your staging provider and figure out the state you are in. Hopefully, you won’t have to do much and your home will hit the market quickly.

The storage unit will play a vital role

Remember that you can always rent a storage unit to place all your furniture and other items that clutter the space. It is a great way to keep them safe while staging your home and waiting for buyers. Also, it is a lucrative way to store all those items you do not use anymore but you can’t part from them yet. And especially useful when moving into a smaller apartment. Think about it and ask your movers for further guidance on this topic.

And now you know how it all works and what is the best way to stage your Newark home. It is a great service that can boost the overall price greatly. Use it wisely and achieve the best results. And we are sure you will.

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