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How to spot overpriced movers

trying to spot overpriced movers

Moving companies offer their services to their customers. You just have to choose what you need and you are good to go. The problem can happen when you pick the wrong movers. There are many reasons why your movers can be bad and one of the most important things is overpricing. No one wants to pay more than needed. The good thing is that there are many moving companies North Jersey NJ that you can choose from. You can dedicate some time and pick the ones that you find suitable. But, if you want to avoid problems, you want to understand how to spot overpriced movers. Find out how to do it right and with ease!

Tips on how to spot overpriced movers

  • Lowball estimates
  • Bad reviews
  • Too much hype
  • High price for a local move
  • Pressuring to pack you

    low rating
    Read moving reviews to better understand the company

Lowball estimates

One of the real problems when hiring movers is the fact that you can’t know exactly how much the relocation is going to cost. There are many ways to find out, even before the move. You can ask for moving estimate NJ directly from the movers and see the estimation.

The problem with this is that not all movers will give you the right estimation. Most movers are trustworthy and you can be sure that the relocation price will be within the range. On the other hand, some movers will give you lowball estimates to lure you into hiring them. By the time your move ends, you will have to pay much more than you have anticipated. It is something that you do not want to do so check the moving company before hiring them!

Bad reviews

Another way to see whether you have picked overpriced movers is to check their background. There are many ways to do this. The best one is to check their moving reviews. Moving reviews are written by the previous customers of the moving company you are interested in. You can find them online just by browsing. After that, you should dedicate some time to read all the reviews about the company. If something was wrong with the previous customers, you are going to find out. They will write everything trustfully and you will have the chance to inform and see whether you should hire the particular company or not.

Too much hype

It is one thing to advertise but another to have too much hype. When it comes to the moving business, there are some old, experienced moving companies that you can trust. On the other hand, there are some that want you to think that they are the best ones ever.

If you come across the ads and it seems like there is too much hype about the company, you should stop. As we have said, advertisement is a big deal in business nowadays. Everyone has the right to advertise and offer their services. Too much hype usually means overpriced relocation.

High price for a local move

When having a small move like moving in the same city, you should not pay more than you have to. A problem that overpriced movers make is that they want you to pay for the minimum hours. Of course, it does not benefit you because you will most likely pay more than you want to. Besides getting proper moving companies in NJ for small moves, you want to talk to them and try to lower the price down. If not, you can always try your luck elsewhere!

dollar bills
Higher price than usual – overpriced!

Pressuring to pack you

Another way to spot overpriced movers is to see how they act. Most movers will offer their services without pressuring you to use them. On the other hand, some movers will try to overprice by pressuring you to pack you. As you know, it is a service that you will have to pay for if you want to use it.

When it comes to packing, it is sometimes better to pack yourself. If you want to avoid overpriced movers, you can do it yourself and use the rest of the services that you are comfortable with.

Think about what you can do to lower the price of the move

Even though there are many ways to find and avoid overpriced movers, you can do some things by yourself. If you are moving interstate, it would be wise to do this anyway because the costs of this kind of move are much higher. There are various things that you can do and have a cost-effective interstate relocation.

One of the best things is to declutter and get rid of items that you do not intend to move. Since you are being charged by the weight of your items, you will have a smaller bill to pay. But, what to do with items that you do not want to move? The best course of action would be to donate to a charity and help someone out. You will do one good thing for yourself and one good thing for other people at the same time.

woman talking on the phone
Pressuring customers is not something that movers should do

Moving is a delicate business

You want everything to go okay but you do not want to get ripped off. There are many moving companies on the market and it can be a bit overwhelming. That is why you should know how to spot overpriced movers and pick ones that suit you better.

Even though these signs can be hidden, we are here to help you find them and understand them. You can see that there are several of them where you could easily fall into the trap. That is the reason why you want to have every bit of information when moving because it can save you a lot of money. Be sure to read all of these things out and we are sure that you will not have any problems getting away from overpriced movers!

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