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How to spot a fraudulent realtor in NJ

a key in a home after you spot a fraudulent realtor in NJ

Are you looking into buying a home in New Jersey, but fear you might be a victim of an unreliable realtor? Worry not, you are not the only one! With the real estate market on the rise in the state of New Jersey, there are those who are trying to make some money in less-than-great ways. However, with the help of reliable movers NJ, you will be able to spot a fraudulent realtor in NJ with ease! Today, we take a look at some of the most popular real estate scams. Learn what they are and you will never be a victim of one of them!

Watch out for the rental fraud

One of the most common ways in which fraudulent realtors make money is through rental fraud. Usually, the targets are younger people who are renting their first property. How does this work? It is actually quite simple. They will ask you for a security deposit or downpayment on a property you haven’t even seen and then disappear with your money.

money exchange

How do you spot a fraudulent realtor in NJ who is trying to do this? Well, there are a few things you should know. Usually, you should request to see your property in person before you make your deposit. This also gives you a chance to ask questions about it. People skip this step by looking at real estate properties online, especially when renting real estate abroad. Make sure you do not!

Spot a fraudulent realtor in NJ by looking “under the rug”

Another thing that can help you figure out which real estate broker in New Jersey is reliable or not is to look critically at a property. Usually, sellers do not have too much time to renovate their homes. They try to lock you into signing a contract fast, so they do not deal with mold, termites or similar problems. Instead, they find ways to hide these problems in some way.

A vacuum on a rug

When looking at a home, make sure there are no cosmetic changes which are covering these issues. This can save you thousands of dollars! Ask for paperwork showing routine inspections – if the realtor is hiding it, then you should not trust them! Also, be suspicious of closed doors and taped-off sections. You should be able to see everything before renting a property!

Make sure you ask for a license

Finally, one of the bulletproof ways to spot a fraudulent realtor in NJ is by asking for a license. Just like with cross country movers NJ, you should not trust realtors without a license – or with an expired one. Both are a sign of an unreliable realtor, and can only lead to trouble. It is important not to assume you are working with professionals. Today, people can work around social media pages and reviews and references and create elaborate schemes. But only the real professionals will gladly share their qualifications with you.

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