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How to safely transport your house plants to Newark, NJ

Five pots with house plants

Relocating home is hard and complicated. One must lay down a proper plan, pack adequately, and find movers in NJ that you can trust. And the whole process becomes much harder if you have delicate and fragile plants with you. But worry not because people relocate plants daily and now it is time for you to do it as well. Let us show you how to transport your house plants successfully.

Time of the year matters greatly

Relocating over summer or winter will require a few extra steps. Your plants do not respond well to extreme heat. And harsh winters can kill them in a matter of minutes. So, adequate protection is in order. In case of high temperatures, water your plants the night before and spray over the plant protection. Of course, do not leave your plants in the sun for too long. Preferably, take them straight away from the house into the moving truck. And in case of cold weather, you can cover your plants with sheets or bags/boxes designed for this occasion. You can find those at the nearest hardware store or ask your movers. Maybe they have it in their packing supplies arsenal.

A woman sitting surrounded by plants
Protect your beauties. Avoid cold/warm weather if possible.

Who will transport your house plants?

Now, you should treat your plants like any other fragile object. With special care. And whoever is helping you with your move should treat them the same way. So, it is important who will undertake this task. Once you find movers Newark NJ you wish to hire, you should double-check if they are transporting plants. And if they do, how they do it, and if they possess all the necessary equipment to do it safely. More importantly, do they have the knowledge and expertise required? Communicate this part with your movers, especially if you have many green friends with you.

Tend to your plants before the move

Moving home and changing the environment will be shocking for your plants. They will need some time to adapt and you should find them a suitable place beforehand. Also, if you have any intentions of trimming, tending, or changing pots, you should do it before the move. And you should water your plants two days before the move and let them rest. This way you will remove dead leaves, trim branches, re-plant, and once you arrive at your new home, let your plants rest and adapt.

getting ready to transport your house plants
Clean your house plants and make them ready for the new environment.

Load your plants into the moving truck

Due to the sensitive nature, you must be careful when loading the moving truck. Depending on the size and shape, you must either put them in the back or all the way to the front. And your plants should be shielded or separated from furniture and moving boxes to avoid colliding with it. So, you should communicate this part with your movers and figure out the best option. Also, it depends on the number of plants you possess and the size of it all. Oh, and one more thing, get your plants out of the moving truck as soon as you can. They won’t appreciate staying inside the truck for too long. Get them out of the moving boxes as well. And do not forget to recycle your moving boxes when the time comes.

Transport your house plants yourself if you can

If you have the option, you should consider and move your house plants yourself. Or at least the most delicate plants you possess. Of course, this depends on the size of your personal vehicle and it won’t do any good to your budget if you must make several trips back and forth. Therefore, probably the best option is to let your local movers NJ cover this part. They are moving you already, why complicate further? Utilize the space in the moving truck and relocate your green friends the safest way.

And now you know a few tips and tricks on how to transport your house plants safely. No doubt that your beauties will arrive at your new home safely.

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