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How to renegotiate your NJ rent?

trying to renegotiate your nj rent

Moving to a new place brings along so many challenges. From organizing your entire relocation to getting accustomed to a new area, it’s not easy. It can be much better when you hire one of many reliable moving companies Newark NJ to give you a hand! While professional movers can assist you in packing, moving, and unpacking, there are still things they cannot do. For instance, they won’t look for an apartment in NJ for you! When you have professional movers by your side during your relocation, it is much easier to focus on other aspects of your move. For instance, we’ll show you how you can successfully use your time to renegotiate your NJ rent! 

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Is it possible to renegotiate your NJ rent?

The answer to this question is – absolutely yes! It might take some tactics and thinking, but there are few landlords that will refuse to lower their rent even if it’s a small amount. First things first, trusty residential movers NJ recommend that you ask around and see how much your neighbors are paying for their rent. During the previous year, research has shown that in many big cities rent is going down, from 3% to more than 5%. Since many people are losing their jobs, landlords are doing what they can to keep their apartments and houses full. So, ask around and see if any of your friends have had their rent lowered. If this is the case, give your landlord a call and have a chat! 

Moreover, some landlords are giving away months of free rent, to allow you to have a home even if the situation is tough. While you cannot expect every landlord to do this, you can definitely try to lower the price. Much like working with your cross country movers NJ, you have to listen to their side of the story as well. Are they trying to see if you’ll sign a longer lease? In case this works for you, maybe they will lower the rent if they realize you are a serious tenant and you want to stay in their place for a longer period. 

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Ask for less than what you are willing to pay for

If you’ve just moved to NJ, much of your budget has probably gone for moving and storage NJ. Therefore, you want to save every penny possible on your rent. Let’s imagine your landlord is asking for $1000, but you can only afford $900 at the most. So, ask for $800! The lower you go, the more chances the landlord will meet you in the middle and ask for the price you can actually afford. 

In the end, always be polite and choose your words carefully. Be smart about what you’re offering and what you’re looking to get in return. Give them all the reasons why you are a good tenant and try to play the cards in your favor. Rent in NJ isn’t cheap, but you can always try and save as much money as possible!

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