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How to prepare your Toms River home for an open house

Perfectly staged home

You are moving and you must cover more than you know. If you want to have a safe and successful relocation on your hands you should organize, pack, and find adequate movers in Toms River NJ. Furthermore, if the property is yours, you should put it on the market. You are probably counting on those funds and you can’t move without it. So, let us help you speed up this process and show you how to prepare your Toms River home for an open house.

You should prepare for the move before you prepare your Toms River home for an open house

Now, while waiting for a sale, you should work on other moving stages and get yourself ready for the moving day. If you stage your home right, you can count to sell it within a month. If the location is right and your home in a good shape, it can go out in days. Therefore, to avoid losing time and funds, you should at least have a plan in your hands and enough packing materials. You can pack a portion of your belongings and work on other things that require your time. For example, you should cover legalities and make sure everything is up to date and ready to be transferred to the new address.

Open house sign on a lawn
You can win on both fronts. Pack and prepare for moving but still have an open house going!

The best way is to make a moving checklist with all steps and cover those that can be done beforehand. You can even pack completely and just wait for the right moment to contact your moving and storage NJ and get this show on the road. Do as much as you can while your home is on the market and get ready for moving.

Declutter like a pro

Prioritize cleaning and decluttering. No one likes a messy house, and especially those who want to buy one. So, you are moving already, why not downsize and clean up a bit. If you are packing beforehand, even better. You can empty and prepare your Toms River home for an open house. You can even hire a cleaning service afterward and make your home bright and shiny. Furthermore, one of the local staging companies can help as well.

You can have a full cleaning service and brand new furniture brought over just for this occasion. You will sell your home in no time. Also, if you have no time to invest in any of the processes we mentioned, you can at least afford packing services NJ and let professionals pack you completely. Packing is half of the relocation right there, so think about this option and save your precious time and money.

Remove random items scattered all over the place

Ok, you should know that no one likes to inspect a messy home. Some random items we have at home are perceived as unnecessary clutter by those interested only in the property. This means that you should remove all the family photos, pictures, paintings, trophies, books, figurines, etc, and place them in storage NJ. All those random items should be removed to make your home palatable. Now, guided by pure logic, you would like to see a fully-staged home rather than naked walls. But years of experience and various studies in the field showed that buyers appreciate more the real state of things than a facelift. To summarize, having a plant here and there won’t hurt too much. Staging an open house is amazing, but you should aim toward your buyers and not yourself. Even if you do not like it that much, buyers will.

trying to prepare your Toms River home for an open house
Only a few decorative pieces here and there will be enough.

Adapt and prepare your Toms River home for an open house

If you ever considered investing, repairing, or redecorating, this is the moment to do it. Investing is smart and it will help you sell your home much faster. But if you are inexperienced in the field, please consult a professional before doing anything yourself. Sure, you can buy new towels, kitchen cloth, curtains, doormat, and give a personal touch. But changing doors, windows, or tearing down walls should be left to professionals. Consider repairing and investing, and if the math is right, you can sell it faster and for a better price.

Work on exterior and interior

Yes, we focused on the interior. But what about the curb appeal? If you are into landscaping, that is the first thing you should do. If you live in a home and own a yard, we are sure you know how to mow a lawn. And the gate can be refreshed with new paint. Make it all nice and tidy because your gate and your yard is the first thing the buyer will see. The first impression is important, so get right to it.

Those were a few tips on how to prepare your Toms River home for an open house. You can add a personal touch and find an angle yourself. We are sure you are now ready to stage your home like a pro. Good luck.

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