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How to prepare for a long distance move to Hoboken, NJ

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Are you moving soon but you’re not quite sure where to start when it comes to your long distance move to Hoboken? Preparing for any move can seem overwhelming, especially if that move is long-distance or overseas. That’s why you need professional help – and Moving and Storage NJ have decided to help you! We know how complicated long-distance moving can get, which is why we have mapped out the process for you and given you useful tips. You won’t feel lost or helpless when you know exactly what the next thing that you should do is. Extensive preparations are the most important part of that process. They lay the foundation for the rest of the move. That’s why you need to inform yourself well on the matter. To find out how to approach your long distance move to Hoboken, keep on reading! 

Start planning your long distance move to Hoboken early

When you start planning early, you have enough time to get ahead of all the obstacles on your way. Sometimes, you need a lot of time to solve the problem, which makes early planning of even bigger importance. If you’re not sure that there’s enough time for you to devote fully to the move, you should consider hiring professional movers like long distance movers NJ.

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They will be able to help you and take the load off your shoulders. If you’re ready to start planning your long distance relocation to Hoboken yourself, those are some of the things that you will have to deal with at the start:

  • Insurance – When you’re planning a long distance relocation to Hoboken, you need to ensure the safety of your items. Long-distance trips pose an additional threat to their safety, so make sure that the insurance you get is of quality.
  • Choosing the moving company – This is the step that you should take the most seriously. Moving companies can make or break your move. They can be the source of peace of mind, or of the constant anxiety and even bigger stress in the moving process.
  • Setting the moving date – When you’re communicating with the moving company, try to set up the moving date for the beginning of the week and the day. Of course, only if that’s possible for you. But why does this matter? Because your move will be conducted faster if you do it when it’s less cluttered. The later in the week you relocate, the bigger chances of delay. The same goes for the beginning of the month and day.

Get moving estimates and choose a reliable moving company

Get moving estimates from a lot of moving companies. This will tell you which ones fit your budget, and which ones are a definite no. Hoboken moving companies also offer free estimates, as well as reasonable prices. The prices shouldn’t only be low – they should be competitive. If the prices are too low, the chances are that you will have to read the contract very thoroughly to get acquainted with the possible hidden costs. All of the moving companies want to profit, and they will do it one way or another. If you’re choosing a company with average prices, unlike when you’re choosing the extra cheap one, there will be no surprises in the quality of the service nor in the bills.

Inventory is a must when it comes to the long-distance move

Make an inventory list to help yourself keep track of all of your items. Since you’re moving long-distance you won’t be able to easily get the items if you forget some at the old home. That’s not likely, but it can happen. Keep an inventory list when you place something in the box.

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Also, make sure to mark the box with a certain letter or number so you know exactly where your items are. That will make your first few days in Hoboken much easier. You will know exactly which boxes to unpack. Preparing for that moment in advance is also important – after the move, you will be tired and stressed. Everything you do now to make that transition easier will be more significant and meaningful the more you near the move. 

Decluttering will lessen the costs of long distance move to Hoboken

Decluttering will lessen the cost of the move significantly. When you donate, sell, and get rid of some of your items, you’re actually lessening the number of items that you have to pack. This means that you’re spending less money on the packing materials. Moreover, if you sell big furniture pieces and electric appliances, you can use that money to buy similar or the same items when you relocate. That way, those items will actually fit the space because you chose them for it. Even more, the moving companies bill the most for the big and bulky items, which is why selling them before the move, if that’s possible, is a good tactic to lessen your moving costs and gain some money in the process.

What else should you do?

  • Get the packing materials – The packing materials that you’re getting for the long-distance move have to be high-quality. You can buy them online, in the DIY shops, specialized moving shops or you can rent the materials from moving companies. Moving estimate NJ can tell you how much it costs to pack those items and transport them.
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  • Ask your friends and family for help – When you’re packing, if you’re not delegating the packing process to the movers, friends, and family can be of great help. Delegating any part of the process to other people will help you finish the preparations for long distance move to Hoboken quicker. 
  • Pack & Label boxes – When you’re packing your items, make sure that you’re familiar with how exactly to pack specific items, like the glassware. The boxes that contain fragile items should be labeled on every side!
  • Hire moving professionals – In the end, you will need to hire the moving professionals sooner or later. The sooner you hire them, the more help you will have throughout the moving process!

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