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How to plan a winter move to Elizabeth NJ

A woman standing in the snow

You have a winter move to Elizabeth NJ on your hands and you are worried if the weather will affect your plans? Don’t worry much. As long as you create a moving plan, pack adequately, and find one of the reliable moving companies NJ, you won’t have problems. And to do it all safely and on time, we will help you with a simple guide that covers everything related to a winter move. Let us begin.

Your moving plan shouldn’t be much different

Ok, your moving plan is no different than any other, except that you must take the weather conditions into consideration. You still have to create a moving checklist with all moving-related tasks and solve them gradually. Then, you should inspect your home to figure out how much stuff there is. Also, you’ll know the number of packing materials required and eventually figure out the moving cost. Once you have all your information stacked, start looking for local movers NJ to help you out. Give them a call as soon as you are ready and provide the details so you can together finalize your moving plan and relocate safely.

a family preparing for a winter move to Elizabeth NJ
Sit down with your family and create a proper moving plan.

Movers will help you with your winter move to Elizabeth NJ

Because you are moving in cold temperatures, rain, snow, and ice, you want to have a proper helping hand. And what better way to relocate than utilizing the moving services that movers Elizabeth NJ offer. Especially now when weather conditions are working against you. But don’t worry, movers know all the details about the bad weather moving. They will advise you on how to protect the environment, pack, and relocate safely. And you won’t even have to lift a finger. You can purchase the whole package and let movers do everything instead. Just trust in the expertise, experience, and professionalism your movers have and you are on the right path.

You can even save some money in the process

Now, you must know that Autumn and Winter are a non-peak season for moving companies. This means they offer a variety of discounts to attract customers because there are fewer moves across the board. People think that bad weather moving is complicated just because there is snow on the road. But in fact, it can be cheaper and safer.

Just know that some moving companies offer up to 30% discounts in this period which opens up plenty of space for you to stretch your budget which way you see fit. And for the icy roads, do not worry for a second. There are fewer vehicles on the road and people drive with more caution which makes it safer than to move in the middle of the summer. Consult with your moving representative and they will confirm this for you. Now when you know this, your winter move to Elizabeth NJ seems so much easier.

Now let us pack appropriately

You will have the regular packing process but with few additional steps. Start by obtaining cardboard moving boxes, packing paper, blister packs, labels, and packing tape. Once you have it, pack according to these steps:

  • Place a blister pack inside the box to make a cushiony environment.
  • Fill your box and wrap fragile pieces individually. Remove gaps with the crumpled paper.
  • Close your box and apply packing tape.
  • Label each box for easier unpacking. Also, your movers will be aware of the fragile items inside each marked box.
Two cardboard boxes on the table

The only additional step is to protect your boxes from snow and rain. You can cover your boxes with a tarp, sheet, blanket, or anything similar. And you will need it only when carrying boxes from your home and into the moving truck. The same goes for your furniture.

Your winter move to Elizabeth NJ will be safe

Yes, we explained that movers know exactly what they are doing while moving in bad weather. But you must know a few tips and tricks as well. First, to avoid getting sick, you should dress for the occasion. And supply a few pairs of gloves, hats, and scarfs for your movers as well in case if someone forgot to bring their pair. Provide snacks and hot beverages for everyone and that should be enough. Now you can say you are a good host. On the other note, you must secure the environment as well. Therefore, place the cardboard on the floor inside your home.

All hallways and staircases should be covered with it so it can soak the water your movers will bring from the outside. Use shovels to remove the snow beforehand and pour a few bags of salt in front of your home and on the driveway. It will melt the ice nicely and keep everyone safe from slippery situations. But there is nothing much you can do if something goes wrong and you end up with a broken piece of furniture. If you want to be safe to the full extent, purchase moving insurance. You can buy it from your movers or from a moving insurance provider.

Now you know how to conduct a winter move to Elizabeth NJ. As you can see there is nothing to worry about. Just apply all measures we mentioned and you are good to go. There is a better chance to catch a cold than to have a moving mishap. So, dress appropriately, and let’s get moving!

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