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How to pack jewelry for the move

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Relocation has many challenges. This is a complicated task, so it is not surprising that you could use a lot of help in many departments concerning the relocation. Properly packing different types of things is one of the challenges to face. Learn how to pack jewelry for the move and keep your valuables safe, no matter if you are hiring interstate movers NJ and going out of the country, or moving across the town. Either way, you want to make sure two things.

First, the priority is to not lose track of any jewelry. No matter whether it’s worth $10, $100 or a couple of thousands of dollars. And the second thing is to make sure that you don’t damage these delicate items during the move. Don’t worry, we are giving you ideas on how to accomplish both of these goals.

Where to start when you have to pack jewelry for the move?

As always, it is best to start from the beginning. So, you have decided to relocate, good for you. The next step to take is finding a reliable moving company. Afterward, you will have to decide on the scope of services you are willing to take from movers. And if you make a decision to pack on your own, at least some part of belongings, such as jewelry, you need to learn the proper way to pack jewelry for the move and to obtain the packing materials and supplies for your upcoming project.

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If you are moving locally, for example, you should ask for advice from your NJ to NYC movers, but also for the packing supplies if you don’t have them. Or, you can always decide to let them pack everything, including the jewelry. That is, of course, only the case when you know you are hiring reliable, honest and trustworthy movers. So be mindful when reading the reviews and taking recommendations from friends and family.

What are the materials and supplies you need to obtain?

The great news is that some of the packing materials and supplies are already in your home. However, you have to know what to use and how to use it, so it could serve the purpose. But don’t worry, that is why you have us – to give you all the tips and tricks. After that, you will pack jewelry for the move with ease and joy.

And we’ll tell you one more thing. This little project can also be very fun if you are the kind of person who enjoys DIY projects. And if you have enough time, of course. If you don’t, it is really advisable to use professional packing services. That will save yourself from trouble and headache. But most importantly, that way you are making sure your jewelry stays in one piece and undamaged.

So, here are the things to obtain before the packing begins:

  • jewelry box,
  • egg cartons,
  • business cards,
  • buttons,
  • toilet paper rolls,
  • straws.

Maybe you are not sure how can you use these supplies, but you will find out soon enough. And you will see that packing jewelry isn’t as complicated as it sounds to some people.

How to use the supplies?

Looking at these items we have cited, you may not understand what to do with them at first. Nevertheless, you already know you can trust us, so let’s start explaining how to use one item at a time. After you finish this project, even your residential movers will be blown away by the tricks you used. Even though professionals have their own ways of doing things, everyone can appreciate a good idea when they see it.

Jewelry box is an obvious choice to start with

As the name says it, this is really the home to jewelry. Therefore, when you have to pack jewelry for the move, it is the most logical solution to put it in its place. It will remain safe and sound during the move, however far away you are going.

jewelry box

However, many people don’t own a jewelry box. And sometimes you are not really ready to set additional money aside for that. Especially in the middle of a pricy project, such as relocation. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t worry, because there are more options to try.

Egg cartons are good for more than just eggs

In this particular case, you will practically be making a jewelry box out of egg cartons. Since it has partitions, that are neither too big, nor too small, they are perfect for earrings, rings, and smaller necklaces.  And the best part is that you can close it and place a rubber band around it, to fix it, so it literally becomes a box. It is a very cheap, yet practical and eco-friendly solution since you are basically recycling materials. 

Business cards are finally getting their purpose

Do you know all those business cards that you have no use of? Well, that can finally change. We suggest you use them for sorting and keeping your earrings. Make small holes through them and stack up as many earrings they can fit. You can even use the holes for passing a smaller necklace through them and keeping them safe. After you place necklace or earring through the business cards, make sure to put them in plastic bags. That way you will prevent earring screw backs falling off and losing them.

Buttons are not only for losing

This is a simple item that everyone has in their home. Choose some bigger buttons and place earings through their holes. Place the buttons in a plastic or cotton bag to prevent losing parts. You can even continue using buttons after the move, they are both practical and a nice decorative touch.

buttons in colors

Toilet paper rolls are very useful

Not only that everyone has plenty of toilet rolls, but reusing them is something that everyone who wants to “go green” should do. Use the rolls to place bigger necklaces in them, while you wrap a chain around the roll. Sometimes you can even put more necklaces than one in a single toilet roll. Also, they are great for keeping your bracelets in number and undamaged.

Straws are bad for the environment, but good for packing jewelry

Even though we encourage eco-friendly behavior and prevention of using plastic straws, we must stress two things. Firstly, there are straws that are not plastic. You can use bamboo straws, for example. Secondly, if you already have plastic straws, this is a good way to reuse them. Essentially you will be recycling them, and not damaging the environment. So you can be both practical and eco-friendly when you have to pack jewelry for the move.

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