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How to negotiate with moving companies

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Finding the right movers is only the first step in your relocation. Granted, it is a very important step. But it is still only one step. And when you go to hire those movers, it’s important to remember: this doesn’t have to happen entirely on their terms. The truth we don’t talk about nearly often enough is that you absolutely can negotiate with moving companies! This will often give you a better price on moving services NJ if you know how to do it properly. So what is the secret?

Be prepared and arm yourself with multiple moving estimates when you negotiate with moving companies

Before you can start asking your New Jersey movers for a lower price, you should first know what you can expect. While most movers will rather lower their price than lose you as a customer, no reputable company will just agree to whatever price you name. You have to ask for a realistic number. But what is a realistic number? The best way to get an idea of that is to get multiple moving estimates from multiple companies. This will help you estimate the lowest, highest and average prices for your move. And what’s more, you can use those estimates in your negotiations as proof that your movers’ competition is offering something better that they need to match in order to keep you as a customer.

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Consider what you might be able to do yourself

A lot goes into the price of a move, including equipment used, work invested, and time spent on it. If you can affect any of it somewhat, you may be able to ask for a lower price. Offer, for example, to supply packing supplies yourself. Or disassemble your own furniture. These types of minor tasks are usually easy and can be done without movers. And since they are a standard part of moving services, cross country movers NJ usually include them in their estimates. But if you do them yourself, you can ask for a discount instead!

Be flexible with your moving dates when you negotiate with moving companies

Something that affects movers’ prices quite a bit is the time when you’re moving. Summer is the peak season when movers are busiest and most expensive. If you can postpone your move to fall or winter, you might be able to get a better price. But even during summer, prices fluctuate – lower in the middle of the week than on weekends, for example. So if you’re flexible with your moving dates, odds are your movers can offer you a better price for some of them.

Calendar for dates you might need when you negotiate with moving companies.

Finally – just ask

This may seem obvious but sometimes the most effective thing you can do when you negotiate with moving companies is to just ask for a discount. Studies have repeatedly shown that most people want to help their fellow human being. We like being asked for favors and, barring outside influences, will usually agree to do them when asked. So don’t be shy! Ask your movers if they have any sales or offers or discounts you may be able to take advantage of. Even if they don’t, they might offer you something if you’re polite and persistent enough.

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