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How to move antique furniture?

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Packing up your belongings can be a nerve-wracking process, especially when you’re dealing with valuable antiques. A bumpy road could be all it takes to damage an older item that is not properly packed up. Hence, it’s crucial to take the right steps when you move antique furniture from one home to another. You also need to properly plan your relocation so that you have exactly what you need. Or hire moving professionals who know how to do it right. If you’re concerned about how to safely pack up your antiques and transfer them safely to your new home you’ve come to the right place.

Move antique furniture like chairs and closets easy, with professional movers by your side

Things you’ll need

Make sure to gather your packing supplies early. This way, when the time comes to pack and move antique furniture, you’ll have everything on hand. What you’ll need is:

  • Packing paper, plastic wrap or packing peanuts
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Glassine (something similar to standard plastic wrap but resistant to water, air, and grease)
  • Packing or duct tape
  • Corner protectors for mirrors and art
  • Moving boxes and specialty boxes as need
  • Moving blankets and furniture pads 

Before you start

There are a few things you want to do before you start packing and moving your antiques.

When you move antique furniture and have more than just a couple of valuable items, it may be helpful for you to take an inventory. This way you will have a list of all of your items and their current condition. This will come in very handy to make sure each item has arrived safely to your new home as well as for assessing whether any damage was done in transit.

Check your homeowner’s insurance policy, to see what it covers. Some will probably cover your antique furniture during a move. If you’re not sure, check your policy or consult an expert to find out. If your homeowner’s insurance won’t be able to replace the item itself if it gets broken, at least you know you need an additional one.

Clean each item properly. Do this before packing up each of your antiques. Clean them to make sure they will arrive in the best condition possible. The easiest way is to keep a clean and soft microfiber cloth with you as you pack to gently remove any debris or dust. We don’t recommend you to use any chemical-based products, especially on wood and similar sensitive surfaces. These chemicals can dampen and damage your antique furniture.

move antique furniture, like chair and table

Packing antique furniture like a pro

In order to safely move each antique furniture piece, you need to pack them properly first. What we highly recommend is that you tape pad all pieces thoroughly and securely.

Padding should start with bottom pads in order to protect all bottom edges first. Afterward, drape the pads down from the top of each piece and secure them with tape. Continue to the lifted sides of the bottom pad.

The secret to good packing and safe loading is that all the pads are carefully and tightly secured with enough tape. This way, they won’t break loose.

How to move antique furniture? Leave it to the professionals

If you want to be on the safe side, you can always hire professional moving services. There is an art to packing and moving fine furniture. And the best choice for you are the movers who have done it many times before. Hence, look for antique furniture moving experts. Their experience and knowledge in this type of move will give you peace of mind.

When you decide to hire professionals, you need to make sure they understand the nature of the items you are  moving. This way, they can send the appropriate equipment and staff. They will bring padded blankets, as well as cords to secure more fragile items in their moving truck. 

Also, prepare yourself for asking your future movers all the hard questions. Is your furniture piece going to be blanket wrapped, crated or just placed on a pallet? Do doors need to be removed from pieces? Is a third party picking up your furniture? And you should definitely ask about pricing since so many movers have additional charges.

Experienced and reliable professionals can provide an exceptional level of care and safely move antique furniture. But don’t forget that your role in the relocation process is also important. You are the one in control and it is your call who are you going to hire and what services you will choose.

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Plan ahead

A good plan is a key to every successful project, and moving is no different. The best way to move antique furniture safely is to start planning as soon as possible. It’s also important to understand that packing and moving antique furniture is a challenging endeavor. It is a job for experienced movers who will take the utmost care when handling your valuable furniture pieces. Of course, if you have some previous experience and you believe you can do it on your own, go for it. You can always get a moving quote to see who much top-rated furniture movers will charge you for the job and then decide whether it’s worth it. Moving antique furniture by yourself can be too risky, and possible damage costs could be higher than professional moving costs. Think about it. We wish you good luck!

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