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How to move a washer and dryer

Two washing machines

We all have our concerns when moving. Most of us want to be sure that the whole moving project is safe and that our belongings will be transported intact. To do it you must organize the proper packing process, secure your furniture and appliances, and find furniture movers in NJ that are up to the task. But note that some pieces are delicate while others more dangerous to move. Therefore, today we will show you how to move a washer and dryer. Let’s make your relocation safer.

You must prepare adequately if you want to move a washer and dryer

Even if you get the idea to move your appliances yourself, note that some pieces weigh over 250 pounds. And this is not the only problem. If you want to move a washer and dryer successfully, you must know them inside out. Fetch the manufacturer’s instruction manual and read all about the unit you possess. You should know how to clean it, move it, detach from a power source, and disassemble if possible or needed. Also, you should know how to put everything back together once you move in. So, figure out all the pros and cons, work out the angle, and then make your move.

preparing to move a washer and dryer
Some home appliances are extremely heavy. Ensure you have a helping hand and a plan in place.

But you can reduce the chance of a moving mishap and stay on a safe side if you go online and find a reliable moving team to cover this for you. Browse a bit, find one of the best moving companies NJ, and give them a call. You should let professionals cover this part. Especially if you are moving washer, dryer, fridge, and other robust furniture in your home.

Inspect the environment

Now, you do not want to create a moving plan only to realize that your dryer can’t go through the front door. Maybe you renovated and replaced something in the meantime. To avoid such confusion and further stress, you should inspect the environment. Measure every step of the way from point A to point B. Ensure that the path is clear and that you, your residential movers NJ, and your appliances will make a safe passage through your home. Cover the same process at your new home.

You want to clean your appliances before moving out

You will surely do some cleaning when moving out. We all declutter, downsize, and finally clean the whole apartment before we lock those doors for the last time. And this would be the perfect moment to clean your furniture, electronics, and appliances inside out. In this case, it should be even mandatory. You do not want to move a dishwasher that has any liquids inside. It can create a messy situation for everyone involved. Not to mention it can damage the unit as well. Therefore, remove the power source, clean your appliances, dry them out, and get them ready for moving.

A clean dishwasher
Clean your appliances inside out and ensure they are free of liquids.

Use the right tools and stay safe

Whatever you do with your appliances, make sure you use the right tools. You want to secure doors by taping them on the side or wrapping the whole unit in a stretching foil. You can use blister packs as well. Also, use proper pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches to avoid messing up with screws and bolts. Also, you’ll need moving straps and a dolly to transport and lift it safely. Finally, protect yourself as well by using leather or rubber gloves. They will keep your skin safe and you’ll avoid slippery situations while moving.

Move a washer and dryer with additional help

You will need additional help for sure when moving your washer and a dryer. Ask your friends and coworkers if anyone can spare some time for lifting and hauling. To be honest, they won’t be happy about it but they will help anyway. In case no one can show up due to busy schedules, call your movers and sort this out. Check out all the moving services NJ your movers have to offer and find the best moving solution. At least, you can have someone covering the hard labor so you won’t have to.

And this was it, now you know how to prepare and move a washer and dryer. It is simple as long as you prepare for it. Follow these few steps we mentioned above and you’ll be successful. We wish you a safe move and good luck.

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