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How to move a flat screen TV

move a flat screen TV

Moving is a great challenge in one’s life. Many first-time movers think that a few cardboard boxes and a van will do the trick. But the truth is, they couldn’t be more wrong, for several reasons. First, you never really know how many things you really own, until you start packing them. Second, you need time and a plan. There is no fast or easy way to pack your entire life into moving boxes, so better start as early as possible. And third, certain items are more fragile than others. For this reason, they require special attention and extra care. One of these items is definitely flat screen TV. Hence, you need to learn how to do it right, or leave it to professional moving services NJ offers. Let’s find out the best way to move a flat screen TV without damaging it.

move a flat screen TV with ease

What do you need to move a flat screen TV with ease?

In order to safely move a flat screen TV to your new home, you will need a number of materials and supplies. Here are some things that we recommend having on-hand.

Using an original box is always recommended

Packing your TV in the right box can make a huge difference. When it comes to keeping your TV safe and secure, this is the way to go. Hence, if you have kept your TV’s original box, we highly recommend using that. Of course, just as long as it is still in good shape. Also, it is good to reuse the original packaging material that came with it. If you are moving cross country, you may need some additional protection. To be on the safe side, you can ask interstate movers NJ for assistance.

Packing flat screen TV without original packaging

In case you no longer have the original box, don’t worry. You can always order a heavy-duty, corrugated cardboard box to hold your TV. If you need help finding moving boxes, we have a solution. You can order moving boxes and packing supplies through a moving company, or purchase them at office or packing supplies store. Here are materials you will need:

  • Packing tape is a must when packing a cardboard box. You are going to need it to seal the box.
  • Sharpie markers are necessary for labeling your cardboard moving box. And if you are shipping the TV to yourself, you may want to use a marker to address the outside of the box as well.
  • As you already know, TVs come with a handful of cables and wires. To keep them together, secure them with a twist tie.
  • The safest place for bolts, nuts, remotes, and wires is a plastic baggie. This way you will keep them safe and dry and prevent them from getting lost while in transit.
  • An excellent way to protect the TV while it’s inside the box is using packing paper.
  • When you move your flat screen TV, don’t forget foam wrap, plastic wrap, and peanuts. All these items will protect the TV while it’s inside the box.
  • Keep in mind that the corners of your device are particularly vulnerable to bumps and damage during the transfer. Therefore, it is important that you properly protect them within the box. You will find these foam inserts in the original packaging. If not, you can still purchase them or create your own by cutting them from styrofoam.
Cardboard box

First, dismount and unplug the TV

First, take a few photos from different angles in order to memorize what goes where. Some flat screens are mounted on the wall. Usually with a few screws and a unique mount. Ask a friend to assist you with this part, since it is tricky to remove the screws and hold the TV at the same time. Use a drill or a screwdriver to remove the screws from the wall and gently lower the TV to the floor.

Then, roll up cords, remotes, wires and place them in a bag. If your flat screen TV has a large base, you may need to remove it as well. Place the bolts, nuts and screws and base in a bag to keep them together. Put them aside. You can either pack them in the same box with your TV or tape the bag to the outside of the box.

Cover and box it up

Use the foam inserts to protect the TV and prevent it from shifting once inside the box. Place two of them on at a time and secure them using a stretch wrap. To prevent scratches, use this wrap to cover the entire TV. You can also use furniture pads, blankets or sheets for covering and protection. Wrap the TV in a way that it doesn’t touch the box directly. Remember to always keep it upright to avoid damaging the screen.

Moving truck

Delivery to your new home

While keeping the box upright, have a friend help you load it onto the moving truck or some other vehicle. Or leave it to your movers, if you have hired a moving company. If you are moving a short distance using your car, the backseat of your car may be the safest place for it. When using a moving truck, place it upright between sturdy, flat pieces of furniture, such as bookcases or dressers. If possible, placing it between two mattresses would be ideal. But wherever you place it, make sure it can’t fall, shift, or have something else land on it.

Follow these steps and move a flat screen TV like a pro. Or hire one and relax!

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