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How to maximize space in a small Jersey City home

maximize space in a small Jersey City home

Are you looking for ways to maximize space in a small Jersey City home? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Jersey City movers have a rich history of successful moves, and we’ve helped numerous people place their furniture in the home after the move. That required not only the manpower but the knowledge of how to arrange the space. When people are downsizing, it’s important to be very practical about the space that you’re filling with your furniture. To find out how to approach this problem, keep on reading!

shelves with books

Use the walls for shelves to maximize space in a small Jersey City home

When you decide to hire some of the top moving companies in New Jersey, you might also be leaving most of your bulky furniture at your old home if you’re downsizing. If that’s the case, make sure that you pack all the shelves that you have, and mount them soon after you’ve settled in your new space. They will make your life much easier and help you maximize space in a small Jersey City home. You will have a lot of space to place your belongings, and they won’t interfere with your daily functioning. If you want, you can place the curtain over your shelves. If you choose the ones that fit your interior, it will look like a great decoration – while also being incredibly practical at the same time. 

Hang as many clothing pieces as you can

If you can, get the closets which have a lot of space for you to hang your clothes. That way, you won’t have to iron it often. Moreover, you’ll be able to save a lot of space and instead of using the shelves in your wardrobe for clothes, you can use them for some other items.

To maximize space in a small Jersey City apartment – create custom cabinets

Small spaces, like the one under the sink or the staircases, can have a lot of potential for storage. The fact that they can’t fit the regular cupboard doesn’t mean that the space itself is useless. If you can, invest in the custom cabinets to get the most out of your space. Small items like toiletries, cutlery, footwear, etc. can take a lot of space. By doing this, you will not only create more space for you to store your items, but you’ll take away the place where dust can settle easily. 

storage containers

Use the self-storage solutions for the time being

If you can’t start working on the shelves and custom cabinets right away, maybe you should consider investing in self-storage for now. That way, you can have the items that you need at your arm’s length. They will be properly protected. But most importantly, the additional items that you don’t need right now will not be taking the free space in your home. You will be able to settle in comfortably and give the space renovation when you’re ready. If you have this option, it’s much better than rushing into construction work.

There are also other NJ storage services that you might find appealing, in case you can’t maximize space in a small Jersey City home right away:

  • Shared storage spaces – Where you can rent the storage space with another person and pay less than you would for the whole storage space. That way, you can get more storage space, but you lose the freedom of doing things only your way.
  • Climate-controlled storage spaces – They’re the best solutions for items that have to be kept in certain conditions.

Call your storage or moving company and see which deals they’re offering. Negotiate with them and see if you can come up with the perfect solution for your situation.

Find the inspiration by looking at people who live in campers or tiny homes

Small apartments truly don’t differ a lot from the camper or van projects that some of the adventure-seekers take on. You can find many nifty and creative solutions by looking at the way that they arrange items in their vehicles. In the end, if you realize that you simply have too many items for the space that you’ve moved to, you can declutter. To do so, you should pick the items that aren’t serving you anymore and that you don’t like, and put them online for sale. You can arrange a garage sale or donate them, but the most important thing is to truly get rid of them.

Ask friends and family for advice on how to maximize space in a small Jersey City apartment

Some of your friends and family members must have been in a similar situation. Even if they weren’t, it’s a very high chance that they know someone who did. Give them a call and ask them about the tips and tricks. Since they are close people in your life, there’s a very high chance that you’re sharing a similar lifestyle and have similar needs. That’s why asking for advice in that place is something that you shouldn’t write off. You never know, maybe those conversations will inspire you to find creative solutions for your small space.

cardboard boxes

Hire a reliable moving company

Hiring a reliable moving company means that your belongings will be packed properly. They will also be sorted and labeled well, and if you decide that you want to take your items into storage, you’ll do so easily. There are numerous moving companies in NJ for small moves that can help you realize your move. But not all of them will do so with the excellence that Bluebell Moving and Storage can offer. We’ll relocate your items in a timely manner and without any inconveniences. When we arrive, our movers will unload the truck and place the furniture just where you want it in your apartment. Our company’s main objective is giving you the move that you’ve imagined – and we have resources to do it perfectly. Call us and see why we’re the best company to handle your relocation and help you maximize space in a small Jersey City home!

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