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How many packing supplies do you need for your NJ move

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How many packing supplies do you need to pack your home?  If this question has been stuck in your head, then you’re in the right place. Moving Companies in NJ for small moves have decided to help you with your dilemma. No matter the size of your move, or the distance that your items need to cross – having to evaluate how many packing boxes you’ll need is a hard task, especially if you haven’t moved before. With as much experience as Bluebell Moving and Storage has, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to evaluate the number of your packing supplies after reading this text. To find out what variables affect the number of supplies you need and the number of supplies you need – keep on reading!

What actually determines how many packing materials do you need? 

Boxes can be very expensive which is why you need to determine the number of boxes correctly. If you’re in hurry and need to know right away how many boxes you have – we’re here to help. We advise you, nonetheless, to research some of the best moving companies NJ and give them a call – packing while in rush may cause you to get hurt. So, what is actually determining the number of boxes that you need to get? It turns out that many factors do!


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  • A number of rooms – If the question “How many packing materials do you need?” has just become much more complicated to think about, don’t worry – that’s normal and you’ll get adjusted to all of those factors fast. The number of rooms is one of the main indicators of how many boxes you’ll need. Logically, the more rooms there are, the more items there will be for packing. 
  • A number of people – The more people there are, the more belongings they will have. That doesn’t necessarily have to apply to electric appliances, but it’s always the case with wardrobe and small personal items. 
  • Lifestyle – If you don’t own many items, if you’re on the road frequently or living a certain lifestyle – that will lead to having more or fewer items. 

What else determines how many boxes and other supplies do you need

  • The time period you’ve spent at a certain place – It’s only logical that you’ll collect your items at home and that you’ll have more of them as the years are passing by. That’s why the time spent in one place is a determining factor. 
  • How much you decide to declutter – Decluttering can be extremely helpful when it comes to the packing process. There’s more than one way to go about it, but try to be practical. Many people gift or sell items that they don’t need anymore. That’s a great start, and it would help you a lot both energy and financially-wise. You can also choose to sell your current appliances and use the money to buy them at your new place. That will lessen the costs of transport while also giving you enough money to buy the appliances at the new place. 
  • Size of your current residence – It’s only logical that the bigger the square footage, the more items you will have.
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So, how many boxes do you need? 

You may be unsure about the number of boxes you need – and that’s normal. Packing services NJ
can give you advice on the matter since they have years of experience. If you have a studio apartment, you’ll likely need around 40 boxes of different sizes. A one-bedroom apartment might require 55-60 boxes, while a two-bedroom apartment will require 75-80 boxes. Of course, those are the vague numbers that aren’t set in stone. If you think you have more items than an average person, you should order at least 5 more medium or large boxes to be sure. If you want to approximate the number of boxes by square footage, then you should get 40 boxes for less than 700 square feet, and for 800 square feet, you’ll need around 50 boxes. 

What type of boxes do you need?

The main question, besides “How many packing supplies do you need” is “What type of packing supplies do you need?”. To check the vague number of packing boxes, you can also use the packing calculator. The numbers above apply to standard moving boxes that you use for general items. Apart from that, you’ll need specialty boxes. They have a special purpose – for example, they are safer so they protect your ceramic set better. You can get a painting specialty box which is being used for, you guessed it, paintings and similar items. They can be adjusted to achieve a perfect fit. You may be thinking “I don’t need those”, but your fragile items will thank you when they arrive at the new location unscattered! Appropriate boxes can really affect the outcome of the state of your belongings. Choose wisely. 

cardboard boxes a sofa and a lamp

Call a moving company to help you 

Calling an experienced, reliable moving company for advice can be a game-changer. Moving companies deal with moving boxes, approximations, and personal belongings or other people on a daily basis. They can give you more precise advice if you call them and describe your situation. If you want to hire a moving company, but you still haven’t fully decided – get a free quote. It’s an easy and totally commitment-free way of finding out the prices. We at Bluebell Moving and Storage are always at your disposal, whether you want us to pack your items carefully or to transport your belongings to your new forever home. If you’re in need of storage space, we can help you there as well. We offer quality, climate-controlled storage services at reasonable prices. You’re still wondering how many packing supplies do you need?  Reach out to us and let us take care of the rest!

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