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How to make your Newark home wheelchair accessible?

a woman in a wheelchair sitting at a desk

Making life easier on a daily basis is the top concern of everyone in a wheelchair. Once you make your Newark home wheelchair accessible, you or the person you live with will have numerous benefits. Gaining more independence is the first thing you will notice. With smartly placed gadgets throughout the house, your life will become immensely safer, as well. And we all know that safety comes first, which is why we have created this useful guide. In case you need to move houses, know that this can easily be done by movers Newark NJ on your side.

low kitchen cabinets as a way to make your Newark home wheelchair accessible

Make your Newark home wheelchair accessible by installing a safety ramp

The very first thing you should do is to make your home easily accessible for a wheelchair. Most houses have a step or two you need to climb before entering through the front door. When it comes to entering the house with a wheelchair there should be absolutely no steps higher than half an inch. So, building a wheelchair ramp is the perfect solution. You can even install a portable ramp that will allow wheelchair users a safe entrance at an affordable price. If a person in a wheelchair needs to get over a step or two, this means more strain on their shoulders and muscles, and we need to avoid this.

Make your Newark bathroom wheelchair accessible

People with disabilities know how difficult it is to get in the shower, take a bath, and get out. So, it is really important to make the bathroom wheelchair-friendly. If you have a tub in the bathroom, consider replacing it with a step-in shower. In this way, a person in a wheelchair can easily and effortlessly get in and out of the shower on their own. Not to mention how much safer the showering becomes in this case. Here is what else you can do to make your Newark home wheelchair accessible:

  • Install a toilet raiser – A rather inexpensive product, which can make your life immensely easier for just $50. You can buy a toilet raiser in every improvement store, and install it easily. The goal is to make standing up and down from the toilet a much easier thing to do.
  • Install grab bars – Grab bars are a product that will make taking a shower much safer. Install it in the shower and use it whenever you need to lift yourself. Make sure that your home is a safe place to live in, and moving companies North Jersey NJ will take care of the rest.
  • Install a shower chair or shower bench – A perfect gadget that can be removed when the persons not using a wheelchair need to take a shower. It will make showering a lot easier and safer, as well.
a bathroom with white cabinets

Check whether the door frames are wide enough for a wheelchair

The door frame is usually 30 inches wide, which is not enough for a wheelchair to pass through. In order for this to be possible, the doors must be at least 36“ wide. Measure the width of the doors, and see whether you will need to make some changes or not. If you are just an inch or two away from the goal, there are offset hinges that you can use, or simply remove the door frame to get more space. If this is not possible, you can always hire a contractor to widen the space for the wheelchair to pass through. On the other hand, you will not have to worry about moving your furniture in and out, as your furniture movers NJ will do it for you in a perfect manner.

Lower the storage spaces

If there is a single thing that can make life easier for the people in wheelchairs, lower storage space would definitely be it. The kitchen, bedroom, living room have a lot of wardrobes, cabinets, shelves, and desks that you may or may not reach. Adjusting all of this is the perfect way to make your Newark home wheelchair accessible.

The lower are the storage cabinets, the better. In order not to strain your muscles, lift your body unnecessarily, and due to safety, it is better to lower down everything. Of course, it may be expensive to make these rearrangements, so only do this if your financial situation is allowing it. If not, do not worry. You can simply place all the things you need on lower shelves and cabinets. The items that you do not use frequently should always be higher. In this way, they will not take up space unnecessarily. If you already have custom-made furniture and you need to move, you will find that there are a lot of benefits of hiring professional furniture movers NJ.

Make knee space for any working surfaces

Sitting in a wheelchair makes it harder to wash the dishes, use the desk, or do something on the countertop. This is why we highly advise that you make enough space for your knees in these areas. In this way, you will definitely make your Newark house wheelchair accessible. Of course, the same goes for your bathroom and laundry room. Wherever possible and necessary, create space for your knees in order to navigate more easily.

a dining table with chairs in a living room

If your house cannot be adjusted for wheelchair usage, consider moving

Moving is a great option if you cannot make your Newark house wheelchair accessible. For example, if you live in a building without an elevator, or you cannot get a home renovation permit. Moving should always occur when your current house does not support your way of living. Don`t be afraid of any changes. Welcome them instead. Good luck!

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