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How to maintain security during a move

Hiring a professional mover is the best way to maintain security during a move!

Why is it important to maintain security during a move? Every move, short or a long-distance one, is a great security risk, for you and your belongings too. While you are moving, packing, loading or shipping your items, there is potential property damage and loss risk! First and the most important step, in order to maintain security during a move, is to hire a professional moving company. However, there are a lot of other things that you can do if you want to go through the moving process safely and without problems! Let’s begin!

How to Maintain Security During a Move

So, in order to maintain security during a move, you will definitely consider hiring a professional, Westfield movers, to assist you and help you relocate all your belongings fast and safely. However, having kids around during the move will just bring more stress and headaches. Therefore, you should hire a babysitter or let your kids stay with some of your family or friends. There are also some other things you should consider, such as:

  • Make an Inventory List
  • Hire a Professional Mover
  • Avoid a Moving Scam
  • Keep an eye on your belongings
  • Get a Storage Unit
  • Secure your Home after the move

Make an Inventory List

Making an inventory list sounds easy, right? You should know that it really isn’t and it will take some time. However, if you are doing it for the first time, check on how to make an inventory list! But, in order to maintain security during a move, creating an inventory or checklist is the smartest move!

However, most of us have unnecessary items that we don’t need and won’t use anymore. Before you start making an inventory list, you should declutter! Adding unnecessary items to an inventory list will just take more time. If you have items in good condition, give them to your friends, neighbors or cousins. You can also make a garage/yard sale and earn some money!

Making an inventory list.

Maintain Security During a Move – Hire A Professional Mover

If your budget allows it, hiring a professional, Hoboken movers, is highly recommended. Every professional mover has years of experience in the moving industry and well-trained workers. They will pack, load and relocate your items fast and safely. A professional moving company has plenty of moving services. Some of those services are:

  • Packing and Proper Labeling
  • Truck and Transport
  • Security and Moving Insurance
  • Unpacking and Recycling
  • Storage units/Shipping containers
  • Special Services (if you want to know the full list of special services, contact your professional mover!)

Every moving company offers basic moving insurance. However, if you are not satisfied with it, and you have a lot of valuable items, you can get additional insurance from your moving company. A professional moving company has a license and they will always give their best to make their customers content.

Avoid a Moving Scam

If none of your family and friends can recommend a professional mover, start searching for one as soon as possible! Give yourself some time to check on movers website and customer reviews! Every professional moving company has a license and you should get the number before you hire them. If something is wrong with their license number, then you are most likely dealing with scammers and frauds. These are the red flags for moving scams!

Right 0 wrong sign.

Keep an eye on your Belongings

Whether you are moving by yourself or hiring a professional mover, you will have to keep an eye on your belongings all the time. However, hiring a professional mover will make this task easier because your mover will take care of your belongings while you just have to check if everything is going according to the plan. But, if you have a lot of valuable items in your house, such as a piano, you should keep an eye on it during the whole process of disassembling, moving, loading and relocating if you can!

Maintain Security During a Move – Get a Storage Unit

If you are making a long distance move, considering a storage unit is a good idea. Sometimes belongings arrive at your new destination before you. Therefore, if you want to maintain security during the move, you should get a storage unit for your items. If you don’t know much about storage units, you should ask your professional movers. They will help you figure out what size and type of storage unit will suit your needs.

Storage units.

Secure Your Home after the Move

Maintaining security during a move is important, but also, you should continue with it after the move too. Whether you are making a short or long-distance move, when you arrive at your new destination, you should secure your new house too! Don’t forget about the old one either, here are some tips on how to increase your home’s value, if you wish so! In order to secure your new house, you should:

  • In order to maintain security even after the move, you should change the locks of your new home!
  • Meet your neighbors! When you arrive, you can invite some of your neighbors over. Everyone loves friendly and positive people, so, you can organize bbq, game night or simply ask them to come over for a coffee, tea or juice!
  • If you have to leave your keys somewhere around the house, be creative, do not just leave keys at the most common places as most the people do.
  • Observe everything!
  • If your new place has no security and surveillance system, you can increase security by installing some!


These were the things you should take care of in order to maintain security during a move! Hiring a professional mover will reduce the risk of damaging and losing your belongings. However, you should always keep an eye on your belongings and secure your new house as soon as it is possible! Have a good move and good luck!

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