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How to help your elderly parents relocate

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Moving is stressful, costly, and time-consuming. Once we add an emotional aspect to it, it becomes a formidable foe. And it all becomes twice harder for senior citizens. They must organize, pack, and find one of the moving companies in Newark NJ to take care of the rest. Therefore, we will make it a bit easier by providing a few tips on how to help your elderly parents relocate. Let’s do this right.

Help your elderly parents relocate by finding a reliable moving company to take care of it

Understandably, you will assist as much as you can. But understand that due to time investment you probably won’t be able to tackle everything alone and in due time. So, the most important step in the whole process is to find reliable cross country movers in NJ. And you should aim for the moving company specialized in senior moves. They have the knowledge, tools, permits, and most importantly, a unique approach to this delicate situation. They understand that moving can be extremely emotional for elders and they will work closely with your elderly parents to make it all much easier. Let the moving representative tend to the needs of your seniors and even make this a pleasant journey.

a woman trying to help your elderly parents relocate
Help your parents and find them a trustworthy moving team.

Start with a moving checklist

But before you contact your movers and check if they are up to the task, you must organize your relocation steps. The best way to do it is to create a moving checklist with steps you must take before the moving day. Inspect the environment and belongings your elderly parents possess. This way you will know how much stuff you must pack and if your helpers can move through your home freely without any obstructions. You will secure a better moving organization by providing this info to your movers. Moreover, you will calculate the exact moving costs and prepare your moving budget better.

Help your parents relocate with an adequate packing plan

Packing is probably half of the work you must do. It can be a bit complicated because those are not your belongings you are packing. Therefore, you must be careful and use appropriate packing materials for this process. You will need some cardboard moving boxes, labels, packing tape, and some sort of a cushion. The best solution is a blister pack but you can use anything you already have at home. For example, blankets, sheets, old clothing, etc.

We are sure that you will treat your parent’s belongings with respect and pack everything carefully. Although, if you have no time or just not up to it for some reason, consider hiring packing services to take care of it all. The moving company will bring all the materials required, pack, and unpack upon demand. This service is affordable to all and you should check it out.

Relocating elders can be emotional

Now, we all know that moving is emotional by default. Changing the environment and leaving your old life behind saddens us the most. Just imagine that your parents are leaving the family home they spent more than half of their life in. And what about all those belongings they gathered over the years? You’ll find memorabilia, family heirlooms, artwork, antique furniture, etc. To transport those items without any damages, you must be careful and patient. Either ask your friends and family to help out or enlist a professional moving team specialized in such a move. There are moving teams equipped with all the tools and means to transport delicate, valuable, and high-risk items. Be sure to communicate this with your moving representative and find the best solution.

Grandpa and granddaughter hugging
Stay with your elderly parents during these hard times. They will appreciate it greatly.

On other hand, some of the items can be stored for later use. Help your elderly parents relocate by checking out the moving and storage NJ and finding a storage unit that suits best. Store your items in one of the climate-controlled storage units and do not worry for a second. Your items will wait for you, intact, and ready for further use.

Consider purchasing complete moving service

There are situations where you can’t participate because of a tight work schedule or something else. If that is the case, you have the option of purchasing a complete moving service from start to finish. Even if your parents are moving to a nursing home or on assisted living. Moving companies have a full service for elderly customers, providing special services of all sorts. You can have a dedicated moving representative and a medical worker assisting and tending to the needs of your parents. Along with all the medical and moving equipment necessary to complete your moving endeavor.

Those were a few ways you can help your elderly parents relocate. It would be amazing if you can take a vacation and help through the whole process. But at least you can do is to find a proper moving company that will take care of it professionally. Good luck and stay safe.


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