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How to find an apartment in Jersey City: Step by step

Hire an real estate agent if you are planning to find an apartment in Jersey City!

Renting out an apartment can be a daunting process, especially if you are renting an apartment for the first time. If you are, at the same time, planning to relocate out of state, the moving process can become even more difficult. Therefore, hiring a professional mover to assist you with the move is the best solution. Blue Bell moving and storage professionals offer long-distance moving services. But if you want to find an apartment in Jersey City fast and easy, you should follow this step by step guide! Let’s begin!

Step By Step Guide To Find An Apartment In Jersey City

While you were attending elementary or high school, you were most likely living with your parents. After that, the college gave you a dorm room and place to live while you are their student. But, now, when the college is over and you are on your own, it is time to find an apartment in Jersey City that suits you. Even though this can sound scary and difficult, it has its own benefits too. However, whether you are making a local or long-distance move, you will need help from a professional moving company. Therefore, you should contact your professional mover and start preparing for the move!

And now, let’s get back to the step by step guide to find an apartment in Jersey City!

  • Sort Out Your Budget
  • Search for the Perfect Area
  • Decide whether you want a roommate or not?
  • Look at five properties at the time
  • Take Your time to make the decision
  • Fill out the application
  • Read the lease carefully!
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Sort Out Your Budget

Rushing into something always cause a lot of problems and mistakes. Therefore, if you want to find an apartment in Jersey City that suits your needs but at the same time suits your pocket too, you will have to determine how much rent you will be comfortable to pay. It is usually between 20-30% of your monthly income. If you can’t deal with this on your own, you should find the best real estate agent to help you with an apartment hunt.

Search For The Perfect Area

Nobody likes to spend hours in traffic while they are trying to get to work or back to their home. In order to find a perfect place for yourself, consider the distance between your home and workplace. If you rent an apartment far away from your workplace, you will need more time to get to work and you will spend more money on transportation. Therefore, start hunting for an apartment and find out costs for renting an apartment in NJ. There are websites that allow you to limit your apartment search to a particular area and check for the average rent prices in that same area.

Find An Apartment In Jersey City – Roommate Or Not?

The only downside of having a roommate is sacrificing your privacy, to some extent. But, there are a lot of benefits too! For starters, you will have company and maybe a very good friend one day! If you are sharing an apartment, that also means that you will be able to afford a bigger apartment with more amenities. In some areas, multiple bedroom apartments are cheaper per person than one-bedroom apartments. The only thing you should think of now is, how to find a good roommate?! Everything else will be easy!

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Take Your Time And Make The Decision

You will definitely feel pressured to make an immediate choice, but don’t rush! Give yourself some time before you apply for an apartment. If you are searching for an apartment for the first time, you should have some friend or family member with you as an advisor. 24 hours is usually enough to decide on whether you want to sign a contract and get a particular place or not. But, sometimes that’s not enough, so you should give yourself some time and think thoroughly about each apartment you are considering as an option.

Fill Out An Application

While you are filing an application, you should be honest and truthful in order to avoid rejections and delays. Be prepared to pay for the application fees too. Most of the applications also include permissions to run a credit check. However, if you don’t have any credit history, or if you are just starting your first job, some apartments might require co-signer. You will also need a co-signer if you have some bad credit too.

Find An Apartment In Jersey City – Read The Lease Carefully!

In order to avoid any legal trouble and to be sure that you are getting what you are paying for, you should read the lease carefully before signing! Gather the information about how to read and understand a lease first. However, if you want to be confident completely in what are you signing, you should hire and run the lease by a lawyer.

Do you need help with your move? Hire a Professional Mover!

As we said, whether you are moving locally or preparing for the long-distance move, hiring a professional, such as Blue Bell Moving and Storage,  is a great idea. Every professional mover has plenty of moving services. They will do everything to make their customers happy and satisfied. The packing process takes up most of the time. That’s why you should get professional packing services from your professional mover. You will save a lot of your precious time and avoid moving stress. A professional mover will also provide other moving services, such as residential and commercial moving, storage services, moving insurance, auto shipping and many more.

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In order to find an apartment in Jersey City, you should follow this guide step by step. It’s hard to find a perfect place to live, especially if you are doing this for the first time. Good luck with your apartment hunting process!


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