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How to decorate your NJ home for Halloween

Halloween decoration

If you want to decorate your NJ home for Halloween, Bluebell Moving and Storage prepared some Halloween decoration ideas for you. From the classic pumpkin to the creepy floating ghost, everything is included! In order to celebrate the creepy festival in a proper way, you need the right Halloween decoration for it. And you can easily make them yourself – alone or together with your children.

Make creepy pumpkins to decorate your NJ home for Halloween

After you move into your new NJ home with help of movers North Jersey NJ you can throw a Halloween party. With these decoration ideas, your Halloween party is sure to be a hit. And the best thing about it: If you make the Halloween decoration yourself, it’s not even that expensive to throw a spooky party. So invite your new neighbors to the party. 

Halloween with creepy pumpkin to decorate your NJ home

Horror sounds to scare the Halloween guests

The right mood for Halloween is created, not least, by real sound effects. Create a harmonious playlist, but also add creepy sounds that will also contribute to the atmosphere. For example, when you ring the front doorbell, you can leave behind a ring of thunder, the howling of wolves, or the rattling of chains. For Halloween, you can also use bells that are visually impressive – for example, a talking skull or a hard knock on the door.

Floating ghost!

Make a floating spirit in your new home after you moved smoothly with local movers NJ. You need a bottle, a styrofoam ball, some wire, a transparent cloth, and starch. Put an open bottle on an old towel, and put a styrofoam ball on top. Tie a wire to the neck of the bottle to get the sleeves of the spirit. Now you can throw in the towel and spray it with plenty of starch – the more you spray, the firmer the fabric becomes. When the starch dries, you can remove the spirit from the mold and put some scary eyes on it.

Ghosts in a greenhouse

Decorate your NJ home for Halloween with 3D bats 

Bring your walls to life with hanging bats! All you need is black craft paper, a pen, scissors, and tape. Fold the paper in half and draw a bat’s wing on it so that it starts at the folded edge. If you now cut out the wing with a pair of scissors, the folded paper on the back will automatically create the second wing of the bat. Now you just have to stick it to the wall with tape and that’s it! 

Decorate plants with spiderwebs on Halloween

There is probably no more classic Halloween decoration than the spider’s web. This can be draped basically everywhere, be it on the bench which you moved from your old home with help of furniture movers NJ, on your windows, or on the plants. So you can decorate your NJ home for Halloween with a spooky look with just a few simple steps. The artificial spiderwebs are available in many decoration stores from September.

We wish you a happy Halloween!

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