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How to decorate your kids’ rooms after the move

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Moving is a big thing for the whole family, even when it’s within the same city. Even if you forget about the stress caused by packing, there is chaos for the family that lasts for weeks. To reduce stress for you and your family, think about hiring professional help, like moving company Cherry Hill NJ. There is the physical part of moving, getting to know the new neighborhood, getting to know new work and school routes, new parks, and playgrounds for the kids. Everything that used to work is now a new challenge. Kids are usually hit hard by the process of moving, so an easy way to get them positive about a new home is to decorate your kids’ rooms after the move.

Kids lose their friends, they can have sleeping issues, they get sad and angry. During these trying times, it sure won’t help if the parents are stressed because they didn’t get to do everything they wanted. Here is some advice to help your kid with the moving process, and finally, when you’re all set, with decorating their room.

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Decorate your kids’ rooms the right way

First thing is to prepare yourself and this can be done with the help of movers NJ; exhausted parents will not have enough patience for a child that will grow more upset as the move day gets closer. When talking about how to decorate your kids’ room, know that you should have a conversation with your young ones about the move and help your children understand why it needs to happen. You are probably excited about the move or at least you think it’s a good idea. But your child did not make this decision, it cannot imagine how their life will change and this fact will probably worry them. If your child is too young to understand the process of the move, try explaining that the whole family and their toys are moving, too.

When you decorate your kids’ rooms be prepared for sadness, anger, and overall feelings of worry

Help your child understand what to expect from the move process. Before the move, plan a day trip to the moving destination, take your child on the tour of the house, let it see his or her room. Take it to the nearest playground, go and take a look at the new school. Visit the local library, go to the local market, and get ice cream, find the best pizza place or bakery around. And if the moving destination is too far for all these activities, look it up via Google maps.

Let the child decorate

Have your child be a part of all the decisions it can, like picking the wall color for the room, or a place where to put the furniture and toys. Let the kid decorate the kids’ room.

If you have an older child, you can set a budget and they can decide for themselves which kind of furniture or details they want in their room. For the furniture, they want to take with them, have it delivered beforehand by furniture movers NJ. Let the children pack themselves and decide what they want to leave, donate, and keep. Don’t throw the thing away without consulting them. Make sure that your child knows that their toys are going with you to your new home. Let them write their own name on the box and make sure they know that it won’t be a problem to locate the boxes after the move.

When you decorate your kids’ rooms, start with unpacking 

Put their things last in the move so they will be the first to unpack. Your child will be much calmer if they have familiar things and toys surrounding them on the first night. The rest of the house may be chaotic, but your child will have a calm, safe space filled with familiar objects, which will help them adjust to the new settings and feel good. For older children, it is important that they have access to technology so they can listen to music and get in touch with their friends.

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Choose a decorating style

Decorating your kids’ room by their age, taste, and interests is not an easy task. Young girls and boys grow up quickly, and the room style should change appropriately. No matter if the room is individual or shared, practical or aesthetically pleasing, kids’ room is their living space where they play, study and sleep, and for that reason, it has to be coordinated with their needs.

The bed is the main attraction of the room, and it is an irreplaceable piece of furniture. It has to be the right size, and you can change the setting by having seasonal bed sheets and throw pillows.

Room planning

Some things cannot be shared, and it is important that every kid has his own personalized atmosphere even if they share a bedroom. You can divide the space by choosing two radically different backgrounds or different curtains around every bed. The room needs to be organized so it can support a lot of activities. Multi-functional storage solutions are a must when it comes to decorating a room for a child. The storage solutions should be easy to open and close, so the child can play safely and independently. If you cannot keep all the things your child had in the past house, you can always put them in storage NJ and then have them circulate.

Don’t forget to decorate the wall

The walls in the kids’ room should not be white and without a purpose. There are a lot of wall decorations that can be practical, educational, playful, or just vibrant and fun. Don’t forget to pick up a lot of shelves for storage and easy access, and you can also paint a part of the wall with blackboard paint. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be colorful and fun.

 A trendy detail

Kids love little tents and houses. If you want to create a playful atmosphere in the room, there is nothing better than little tents and houses. This space can be perfect for playing or just relaxing. With enough pillows and toys, the house will surely become your kid’s favorite spot. You can turn their bed into the house framework, decorated with little blankets.

Kids' rooms

And you’re good to go!

With this advice, you are ready to decorate your kids’ room in a blink of an eye. The most important thing is to have your kid involved in everything you do, this will be their room and they need to love it in order to spend most of their time there, and the whole process will be much easier if it is turned into a play, rather than a task.

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