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How to decorate a rental apartment after you move in

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Whenever we move into a new home we are always looking for ways to improve and decorate that home to fit our lifestyle. So, let us assume you have just moved into your new apartment, by hiring reliable movers NJ, and you are looking for a way to improve the look of your new place. To decorate a rental apartment means adding your own touch to the home. This will help you feel more at home or even make the new home even prettier. When looking to decorate our apartments one thing can be an issue. That issue is the deal you made with the landlord. Landlords mostly do not want people to change their houses. However, everything can be settled, and with patience and good communication, you can make things work.

Why do we want to change our new apartment?

Well, this one is fairly simple. Once we move into a new apartment we want to make it feel like home. This is usually done by implementing some changes that you find suitable for that place. By doing this we make ourselves feel more safe and happy. Not to mention the fact that some apartments are not in that great of shape, to begin with. Moreover, we all have different needs, and changing our environment can have a positive impact on us.

a bed with white sheets as a way to decorate a rental apartment

Try to make a deal with your landlord

If you hire professional movers, like movers Toms River NJ, you ensure that the relocation process goes smoothly. Once you settle in your new home it is up to you to make it feel as comfortable as possible. Many landlords might find an issue with you changing things up in their apartment. However, trying to make a deal with them is the best way to approach this situation. For instance, regardless of if the landlord agrees or not with your decision, if you do decorate a rental apartment you will probably have to paint it back once you move out.

This is something that should not really pose an issue for you cause this is one of the simplest tasks to do. More importantly, having a good relationship with your landlord is important, so make sure not to do something they specifically told you not to do. Many landlords will have no issue with you decorating your apartment if you will return everything as you found it once you leave.

Tips to decorate a rental apartment

Decorating an apartment is something that requires creativity and inspiration. It is the simplest way to make something way more enjoyable than before. For some people decorating represents aesthetics pleasure, some people just like to add a new look to their home every once in a while. Regardless of the reason you want to do it, it will be helpful if you already have plans or ideas on what you can change. For instance:

  • Redecorate your walls
  • Incorporate your old items to add a personal touch to your new home
  • Use leftover packing material
  • Lightning is everything

As we said above, there are many reasons why one would want to decorate a rental apartment. If you have the will power and the motivation we do not doubt that you will be pleased with how you did.

a picture of three paint cans on the table

Use leftover packing material

Unless you had help from packing services NJ you will probably have a lot of packing material left in your new home. But worry not, because that leftover material can have a purpose in your new home. Boxes are a great small storage unit that can help you de-clutter and store items you do not need more easily. Plastic containers can play a part in your kitchen, using them for spices and other condiments. Another great way to add a touch to your new home is to use old suitcases as a vintage nightstand in your bedroom. By using leftover packing material you ensure to utilize the most of what you have and de-clutter your new home.


Redecorate your walls

Now, walls are the first thing we notice when moving in. Having white walls is always a safe option but it will not necessarily fit in your plans. Check with your landlord and see if you have the green light to spice things up with a new, vibrant color to give life to your new apartment.

Other options for walls are wallpapers. They can give your apartment both the old, retro look, or give it a modern twist with the right design choice. Wallpapers will also reduce the chances of walls being stained or suffering any damage.

a can of glue next to some wallpaper on a table

Lightning is everything

There are many questions to ask your landlord before renting an apartment. Although there are millions of questions to ask, asking about the lightning of the apartment seems like a not so important question. However, lightning can make all the difference. A poorly light apartment can give out bad vibes and make you feel more enclosed. A lot of windows can create an illusion of a bigger apartment. Moreover, proper lighting is the best way to decorate a rental apartment. One of the simplest things to do is to create good lightning all over your apartment. This will give you the best feel of space and comfort.

Incorporate old items to add a personal touch to your new home

Items that you have with you can find a purpose in your new apartment. Things like old books, vases, statues, or any other decorative piece will make the new apartment feel more at home. Certain items have sentimental value to us. These items will always find a purpose when redecorating. Trying to arrange furniture in your new home can be more difficult than expected, so make sure to keep an eye on that.

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