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How to create a man cave in Absecon, NJ

create a man cave in Absecon like the one in the photo

Not everyone has the luxury of creating a man cave in their home. There is a lot of negotiation that goes into this – but when you get the chance, we advise you to grab it! This can be the easiest when moving with Absecon movers. Your home layout is still not finished, so if there is some empty room, you can use it to your advantage! However, figuring out what you need to put in your room can still be a challenge. Luckily, we are here to help you! In this article, find out how to create a man cave in Absecon, NJ!

Prepare the space for your man cave!

First things first, before you can turn a room into a man cave – you need to pick which room you will deal with. The perfect time for this is when moving with local movers NJ – when all your rooms are bare and ready for you to move in. Of course, this does not have to be a “cavernous” room – so don’t get too attached to the naming conventions. Usually, these are in the basement due to the noise you can make there, but you can also pick the attic or a bathroom you don’t use – even the garage or the shed! Anything that your family is not using, and that has some elbow room, can be turned into a wonderful cave for you and your friends!

And as we mentioned, getting this from your significant other will mean you might want to negotiate for it. There might be something they want in return – so you might have to give up something. Keep in mind that you are getting your own space – and this is quite valuable. You should try to make everyone in the family happy, and if you are taking away the only relaxation room, this will not come to pass! So, you might have to also designate an exercise room, playroom, or anything that other members of the family want.

a couple holding fingers

Once you do get what you want, though, it’s time to prepare to create a man cave in Absecon! First, you want to isolate and sound-proof the room. This will make it warmer, and you and your friends can be as loud as you want! Fiberglass and similar insulation material between the wall studs is usually used here – as well as sound-proofing materials!

The furniture you need to create a man cave in Absecon

Once you set up the insulation of the room, you should paint it and add light fixtures if the room already doesn’t have them. Following that is the furniture and entertainment! This is probably everyone’s favorite part of designing a man cave! You will want your room to be comfy and cozy, but still, be “you”.

When it comes to the seating, you want some nice couches, armchairs, recliners, or beanbags. Residential movers can help you bring these in, but keep in mind the material you are using. You will probably be spilling drinks or food there – so make sure the furniture can handle that! For these drinks and meals, you also need some surfaces, too. A couple of end tables are a great choice here! You can also add a bookcase for memorabilia and detailing to bring something that’s just yours to the table. It can also hold board games, card games, trophies, books – anything you are going to use in the room! Of course, in the board game case – you will want a nice table and chairs too. In this case, people often use outdoor furniture since it is cheap and durable.

bookshelf and TV set

And then, the entertainment arrives! You will want a TV in your man cave, and maybe a radio! After all, how can you create a man cave in Absecon without some music? This, of course, depends on what you will do in the man cave and its size. It makes no sense to get a 50+ inch TV if you are going to sit only a meter away from it!

How to decorate your man cave

We do not want to be called sexist, but what a lot of man caves have in functionality, they do not in style. This is why you should not skip over decorating when you want to create a man cave in Absecon. You can start this by adding signs to the walls. This is an easy thing to do, and a nice way to add a personal touch to your man cave. Neon bar signs are the classical decor, followed by the liquor ads or parody traffic signs. There are many stores that sell these – and you can even look online!

Similarly, posters are a great choice, too. You can display your favorite teams, athletes, movies, games – anything that you like. An interesting idea is to frame the movie posters in special frames with lights. Similarly, sports memorabilia is also a man cave staple. Trophies and medals can go on your shelves and walls. If you hunt or fish in the Absecon area, you can also display the equipment or hunt trophies too! And collectors love displaying their collections in the caves too.

movie posters

Finally, we should also talk a little about safety. When you create a man cave in Absecon, you should avoid getting injured at all costs. However, lifting heavy furniture and items and transporting them to another room can be tough. You should let experts do this for you. Here at Bluebell Relocation Services, we will gladly give you a hand with moving these items! All you need to do is contact us and you can start living your dream soon!

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