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How to avoid property damage when relocating

avoid property damage when relocating

Preparing a relocation takes a lot of time, even more than you can imagine at first. It might seem easy, simple and quite straightforward when you first thing about it. However, when you relocate once, you’ll learn that there is a whole process to it! Not to worry, with a bit of help from our team at Bluebell Moving and Storage, every relocation can be as smooth as butter! When you decide to hire professional movers for your relocation, a lot of your worries with disappear. We relocate people on a daily basis and that’s why we know what are the most common moving day mistakes. Are you perhaps worried about the safety of your belongings during transport? Accidents can happen, but our experts know just how to avoid property damage when relocating!

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Avoid property damage when relocating –  a simple guide

First things first, you should form a detailed moving plan. Experts say that you should start planning your relocation at least three months in advance! This time frame will give you plenty of space for preventing mistakes. For instance, you can easily pack everything, label the boxes and disassemble furniture when you’re not in a hurry. Having enough time to execute a smooth relocation will ensure no stone is left unturned! You won’t forget to bring anything, and most importantly, you can easily avoid property damage when relocating without a rush. This goes without saying, especially if you’re moving long-distance! For that kind of move, we recommend that you have a detailed moving checklist, in order not to forget anything.

Appropriate moving equipment is the key to keep your belongings safe and sound

Usually, damages and breakages occur due to the lack of proper moving equipment. When you move by yourself, you don’t always have access to the proper tools that you need for relocation and transport. No matter how much you pay attention and how many people you ask for help, the chances for something breaking are high when there are no suitable moving supplies. When considering which moving services NJ you want to get, proper moving equipment shouldn’t be something to save money on! Some moving companies even have to option to come over to your house and pack your belongings for you. In any case, here are some examples of the tools they use to avoid property damage when relocating:

  • Furniture pads. Transporting furniture to and from your house requires a lot of preparation. You don’t want to damage the furniture, but you also have to think of your floors as well.
  • Lifting straps. You have to take care of your own safety when moving heavy and bulky items! It can be very strenuous on your back if you try and lift it without the use of these straps. They will help you lift and move them with less effort, making it safer for everyone involved.
  • Moving dolly. Oh, the differences it can make! Transporting kitchen appliances, large furniture, and anything that cannot be taken apart is so much easier when using a moving dolly.
moving dolly with boxes
Using a moving dolly to transport your furniture and moving boxes to and from the truck will make it so much easier – and faster!

Think twice before you hire a moving company to assist you

This goes without saying, but you have to trust the people you hire to help you with relocation. With the number of scams in the moving industry rising each year, make sure to double-check the company’s references. Another way you can verify which company is the best for your situation is to read their online reviews. That way, you can see what their previous clients think of them and how their relocation process went. Also, not every moving company will offer the services you might need. Don’t have time to pack and get everything ready before moving day? Consider getting a team that can do it for you, so you don’t have to worry!

Another way to avoid property damage when relocating is to make sure your furniture is ready for the move

Most furniture you have around the house can be disassembled and therefore, easier to move. Of course, that’s not the case with appliances, such as your fridge, washing machine, dryer, etc. However, when it comes to closets, tables, and sofas, most of it can be taken apart and moved more easily. Make sure all your drawers and closets are empty before the movers arrive. It will make it so much less complicated to load onto a moving truck! If your moving team decides to disassemble some furniture before the move, keep one thing in mind. That is, that you have to properly pack away all screws and parts! Put them in their own bag or a box, and label what they are for. In that way, you will know how to assemble it again when you arrive at your destination.

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With proper planning, you can easily avoid property damage when relocating!

As we already mentioned, the great organization is the key to a successful relocation. Once you start everything on time and make sure that you cover every aspect, there is not that much to worry about! Especially not when you’re sure you’ve got a great team helping you out. Taking care of your belongings and moving boxes should be taken seriously! No matter if you’re moving to a new neighborhood or a different part of the country. Most moving mistakes are not that hard to prevent, and they can happen in any relocation if you’re not being careful enough! Avoid property damage when relocating by taking the time to think everything through and plan the perfect moving process for your needs.

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