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Household repairs after the move: what to expect

a wrench is need for household repairs after the move

Once you have moved away, there isn’t too much to do. The first thing you will want is to sit back and relax. After all, even with cross country movers NJ, the moving process is tiring! And you are right – you are entitled to a little rest! However, if you are looking to sell your old home, then your work is still not finished. You will want to attract new, prospective buyers – and the best way to do so is through household repairs after the move. Depending on the house, these might vary a lot. However, there are some that represent a common thread with household repairs and real estate trends. You are in luck we are here for you because, in this article, we take a look at the most important things you will need to do to better sell your old house!

The walls should be the first of the household repairs after the move

One of the first things you need to take care of after Jersey City movers are done relocating you is to fix any holes in walls you might have left. This is a huge breaking point for any prospective buyers – no one loves seeing holes in the walls – even if they were left by tiny nails! Sadly, many people do not take care of this because they believe it requires a huge painting job to follow it. After all, filling up the holes will leave a white mark on the walls, right?

a hole in the wall

This is not entirely true. As a matter of fact, you can deal with a problem with just a little spackling, and then spot painting. If you have the original paint leftover, this can be the tiniest possible effort – just paint the whole you filled up. If not, you can peel a tiny piece of your wall and bring it to the paint store. There, they will be able to find the right color for you, and you can repeat the process with it.

Of course, the spackling compound is useful only for smaller holes and scratches. If this is a much bigger job, then you will need to get the joint compound. Just look for a 5-gallon bucket in any hardware store. Of course, bigger holes will need more work but, unless they are looking for a fixer-upper, no customer will want to buy a home with them. So, you will either do these household repairs after the move or once sometime later down the line.

Add some paint to give your old home a new life

While we are on the topic of painting, it would be a smart idea to give your walls a new coat of paint to breathe some new life into them. Sometimes, the paint is old and it tells. Sometimes, you have made some courageous choices for your home – but the buyers will not. Remember, when you want to sell a house in New Jersey, you want to create an image of a blank canvas. It is up to the new buyer to create something new from it, and paint it in their own colors – sometimes literally.

wall paint

So, the safest choice you can make is some neutral colors. They will blend well with a lot of decor styles and are pretty cheap and easy to work with. Gray, for example, is quite popular “starter” color. It will give your walls depth and still tie up the room together quite nicely. It is also off-white, so it will not be “plain” – which can also sometimes be a disadvantage! So, if you want to boost your selling chances, grab your brush, and start painting!

Floors should also be on your list of household repairs after the move

Just like unattractive walls will not bring new home buyers – so the floors will repel them even further if they are dirty or dingy. Sadly, this is often the case after the moving day. This is why a pre-move cleaning – as well as the one after the move – is a must! A lot of dirt can come in during the process, as you and your movers will coming in and out all the time. So, once you are done, come back and repair your floors.

If you have carpets, make sure you scrub them well once you are done moving. Get your vacuum with you and a bucket of rug-cleaning products. You will need powders, foam sprays, liquid shampoos – anything that will help you with the process. For embedded dirt, you might need an industrial-style machine for cleaning your carpets. These spray hot water mixed with a detergent in order to extract the dirt from it with a strong vacuum. Of course, these are quite expensive to buy, so we advise renting them from a hardware store.

hardwood floor

When it comes to the hardwood floors, the process is a bit different. Luckily, wood is easy to clean – but you need to think about the right products. Get ones that contain isopropyl alcohol, because it dries quickly. You can find it in hardwood stores; or, you can make your own solution by mixing a capful of white vinegar and a gallon of water. Never use your steam mops on the wood floors, because it opens the pores in the woods and damages the finish. This can cause horrible damages that you can never fix – no matter how many household repairs after the move you attempt to do!

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