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Guide to cleaning out your residential junk


When you are preparing for relocation, one of the most tiresome and boring parts is the cleaning, decluttering, and downsizing. But we all must do it. With a good organization, you can do it in less than a day. Sure, some of the moving services NJ you purchased will help a lot, but most of it you should do yourself. Therefore, let us show you how cleaning out your residential junk should be done.

Before you begin cleaning out your residential junk inspect everything

This is the process that must be done thoroughly and carefully. Be sure that you pick a day when you are free and in a good mood. Start moving through your belongings and inspect everything. Then, write it all down and make an inventory list. It will help you a lot while packing and unpacking. Moreover, cleaning out your residential junk will lower the moving costs.

Inspect everything before you start cleaning out your residential junk
Inspect everything! You should know how many items you must transport.

Make sure that you inspect all your clothing, furniture, jewelry, electronics, etc. Do not forget to visit your garage, basement, and attic. Make designated piles with items that you want to throw away.

Pay special attention to your wardrobe

You should check all the clothing inside your home, not only your wardrobe. Surely, there are many pieces your kids outgrew and there are always old pieces you hoard for better days. You won’t believe how those items add up quickly. You will realize that in the end, you’ll have five boxes filled with junk and a huge pile of outdated random items from your home.

Onto the appliances!

It is time to think about the old toaster that is sitting in your garage since the last move. We tend to leave those items in hope that someday they’ll get repaired and used again. But 90% of the time we keep them for years and one day, simply throw away. Now is the moment to either fix, store, donate, or recycle. Sure, keep your old antiques and memorabilia. But electronics and appliances are sometimes better being replaced then fixed. But if you decide on keeping it all, there are always NJ movers and packers that will take care of it. Let the professional movers pack and relocate to your storage or to your new place.

What about the furniture?

If it is in good condition, your furniture can last for years. But if you simply do not need it in your new place, consider getting rid of it. These are some of the options:

  • Wooden furniture – Wood is a natural resource that can be used in numerous situations. If you have no place for it in your new home, you can use some of it in your garden. Or you can break it down and use those pieces for other projects. But keep in mind you can always gift to someone that can still use it.
  • Plastic – It is not recommended to drag your plastic items for too long. If you have broken plastic items, simply recycle and replace them.
  • Metal – Furniture made of metal is meant to last long. You can refurbish it for sure. Or you can scrap it and sell at the junkyard.
  • Vintage furniture –If you have some of the vintage or antique furniture, you can sell it for a hefty sum. Visit your local antique for an estimate. Then sell it online or refurbish for further use.

Cleaning out your residential junk includes hazardous materials as well.

We strongly recommend not taking any hazardous materials with you. Especially if the containers are already open and there is a risk of spillage while transporting. This includes all the chemicals, cleaning products, construction materials, poisons, gasoline. Be sure to dispose of the hazardous waste adequately not to endanger the environment.

Hazardous waste
Do not take unnecessary risks. Clean out your hazardous waste on time.

But again, if you are unsure of how to do it, let the residential movers NJ do it instead. The skilled and knowledgeable moving crew will transport or dispose of your hazardous materials and chemicals upon demand. Consider this highly lucrative option.

How to get rid of unwanted items?

There are several ways to dispose of your junk. Remember that your unwanted items might be valuable to someone. Therefore, you can donate to a local shelter or to a charity. Then, you can organize a garage sale or sell them online. There is also an option to gift it to your friends and neighbors. And the last option is to simply throw it all away. But if you choose the last option, be sure to recycle it all.

And there we go, these were a few tips on how cleaning out your residential junk should look like. We are sure that you’ll find more steps to add to your unique situation and make the best of it. Good luck.

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