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Fun Things to Do with Kids in Jersey City

Jersey City

Jersey City is growing in popularity more each day. No longer in the shadow of exalted NYC but still in the proximity with all wonders easily accessible. More importantly, Jersey City became extremely popular for families due to awesome neighborhoods, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, and marvelous greenery. Whether you are a resident or making a day trip, you’ll have a wonderful time. Here is the list of a few fun things to do with kids in Jersey City.

There are many fun things to do with kids in Jersey City

Choices that Jersey City laid before you are amazing and vast. Depending on the age of your children, you’ll have some options slightly limited or accessible in a different form. Also, some activities are for residents only while many others designed for visitors. This does not mean you can’t attend both, but you should know that some activities are restricted and you’ll need to wiggle your way around.

But the process of becoming a part of a Jersey City is extremely easy. All you need is to move here and obtain a Jersey City address. More important is who will move you there. Check out experienced and affordable moving company Jersey City and make it happen.

Sport, Art, and Science!

When it comes to sports and hobbies, the possibilities are endless. Firstly, we suggest checking Liberty Science Center where your kids can play an astronaut and learn a lot about space. Or if you have an artistic family, enroll your kids into The Acting Space where they can choose their path. Or a Supper Soccer Start camp is the place for your little ones. Let them kick that ball form an early start. Moreover, all we mentioned offer Spring and Summer camps where your kids can have fun year-round. And do not worry, you can accompany them as well and have fun while watching over them.

There are many artistic fun things to do with kids in Jersey City
Wake up the scientist or an artistic soul in your child!

But maybe your kiddos will appreciate a swimming pool more. Visit Lafayette and Pavonia public pools for a day of swimming. Although, the year-round option will ask of you to move and make a proper long-term plan. Check out some of the moving services NJ has to offer and figure it out.

Your little ones will appreciate a nice meal.

If you are visiting or moving cross country with family, there is no better place to be if you wish to have a nice meal and a proper cup of coffee. Moreover, your kids will go nuts with all the sweets available at the Newport Centre Mall. One of the fun things to do with kids in Jersey City is to visit the in-mall theater and watch a great movie. Or to have one of the kiddies rides available there. Or maybe a walk around the city in search of a proper ice-cream? You won’t have to go far because there are wonderful ice-cream shops all over the city. Check out Milk Sugar Love, Torico, Ample Hills Creamery, or Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato. In the end, maybe a nice and quiet family place is more suitable. In that case, we recommend Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory.

Toddler smiling
Visit one of the numerous family-friendly restaurants and have a blast.

Outdoor fun things to do with kids in Jersey City

Start with a tour of Lady Liberty with one of the organized daily cruises. Then, have a picnic at Liberty State Park or visit one of the extraordinary establishments located there. Or visit one of the other green areas available. You have Berry Lane Park, Lincoln Park, Van Vorst Park, Hamilton Park, Washington Park, and many more. All equipped with playgrounds for your sweeties to enjoy. Also, you can hit the ice skating rink for a family spin or a warmer option such as Newport Green and its urban beach. Wherever you go, you’ll find green areas, playgrounds, and many opportunities for your kids to have fun.

Kids playing outdoors
There are many outdoor options available in Jersey City. Maybe summer camp is for you.

Indoor activities are fun as well.

The list would be endless if we mention all indoor activities available throughout the year. Therefore, we will present a few special ones:

  • Ferry Ride – From the Paulus Hook terminal to the Jersey City. A day on a boat surrounded by friendly faces and loved ones is a way to go.
  • Cooking play date – Check out Bambino Chef and let your little ones play a master cook for a day. An awesome way to introduce your kids to all kinds of food from all around the world.
  • Matinee performance – A simple way to have fun with the whole family. Catch one of the shows at Jersey City Theater Center.
  • Go-kart – Something thrilling and exciting is waiting for you. Do not worry, it is safe and affordable. Although, for kids that are 5+ only.

Are you ready to become a part of Jersey City?

As we already stated, Jersey City is a place to raise a family, pursue career goals, and finish your education. All things your kid needs. Therefore, think about it and make the first step. Contact your movers and obtain your moving estimate NJ. Figure out what would be the best way to get there, and how fast you can do it. Hopefully, you fell in love with this marvelous city as we did.

And this was it, a simple list with numerous fun things to do with kids in Jersey City. Some are viable while visiting over a weekend while others are amazing as long-term activities. The choice is yours. Whatever you decide, we wish you to have an amazing time in Jersey City. We will see you there!

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