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Fourth of July Celebrations in New Jersey


Fourth of July is a truly remarkable date of the year. This 185th (unless it is a leap year, in which case it is 186th) day of the year is the greatest American holiday, where we remember the day our great country gained independence. Every place in these United States organizes some sort of celebration, and people from all around the country come home to have family reunions on this federal holiday. So, if you have the luck of finding yourself in the great state of New Jersey, you might just ask yourself what Fourth of July celebrations in New Jersey look like. 

While we all now that 4th of July celebration include such things as fireworks, barbeques, family reunions, concerts, parades and games, NJ offers all of this and more on this very special holiday. So let’s take a look at what you can expect from the state of New Jersey on the Fourth of July.

Fourth of July – more than just fireworks and good fun

But first, let us talk about the holiday itself. The fourth of July is more than just barbeques, fireworks, parades and good fun. There is more to this they to be understood. And, while we are sure that many of you already know all the history that gives meaning to this oh-so-important date, we would still like to remind you of what makes 4th of July special. After all, the state of New Jersey has a very visible, special connection to this holiday. So, before you contact moving services NJ and move in just in time before 4th of July, lets first see how NJ sees this holiday.

Flag of New jersey

On the flag of the state of New Jersey stands “Liberty and Prosperity – 1776″. This is really the spirit of Independence day celebrations. It was on the Fourth of July of 1776 that this great nation was born, with the declaration from the Continental Congress. Liberty and Prosperity are values that have driven our forefathers to create the USA and state of New Jersey have not forgotten this, still proudly showing these values on its state coat of arms.

It is therefore expected that the Fourth of July celebrations in New Jersey are truly marvelous to behold. Now, that we have reminded ourselves of the very reason for our Independence Day celebration, let us go for details on how Fourth of July celebrations in New Jersey are organized.

Fourth of July Celebrations in New Jersey

Finally, we get to the crux of the matter, what are the actual events you can expect? After you called those Manhattan movers and crossed the river into New Jersey, you might want to know a few things.

New Jersey has 21 counties, and all of those marks this momentous occasion in their own way. Still, we can mention the biggest ones you get to know what makes most of New Jersey. We have:

  • Hudson County – being the place where Jersey city is located, just over the river from New York, you can be assured that some of the best of Fourth of July celebrations in New Jersey will be found here.
  • Bergen County – just to the north of Hudson County is the most populous New Jersey county.
  • Middlesex County – follows suit.
  • Essex County – is an honorable third place with more than 700 000 population.

These are the counties we will be focusing on., let us begin:

Bergen County

Fireworks are the default of celebrating 4th of July, but this doesn’t make them any less impressive. Standing under the colorful, sparkling liths under the night skies is truly a mesmerizing experience dearly remembered by many. We have compiled some of the best places to be to experience this.


Chances have it that you most probably live in Bergen County, in which case be sure not to miss the concert being held in the Memorial park, which starts at 7:30 pm. It will be followed by an amazing fireworks display at 9 pm. If you are an early bird, visit flag-raising at Memorial park at 7 am. Other events include State Meadowlands where you can find the displays on both July 3rd and 4th and Maywood fireworks, with the concert preceding it.

You definitely do not want to miss this vital part of Fourth of July celebrations in New Jersey.


In the Middlesex, county party starts earlier and ends later. In Highland Park, you can expect food and entertainment as soon as 5.pm. Marvelous firework will follow around 9:20 pm.


Should you not fancy this, you can visit South Brunswick celebration a day earlier. If you wish to find yourself in this lovely county in time you ought to find some good local movers NJ and prepare for the celebrations!

Essex County

If you just moved with Short Hills movers you can enjoy Belleville independence day celebration beginning at 6 pm, or maybe Montclair wonderful parade at 11 pm. Whatever it may be, we are sure that you will find plenty of places to have a fine time.

Finally, we have the Hudson

You can have a lot of places to celebrate in this county. Be it famous 50-star fire show in Jersey City, Union city celebrations or Kearny 4th of July celebrations, you will find plenty of options to celebrate our independence day.

Of note – Safety

Fourth of July is a time of great celebration for all Americans, but be sure to stay safe. While firecrackers and barbeques are almost a must during these celebrations, be sure to handle all of these with care. There is not much point in getting hurt in the time of the year reserved for celebration. New Jersey offers so many opportunities for good fun, so be sure to experience it to the fullest.

And, if you are traveling home, be sure to expect traffic jams and busy airports. A lot of people are traveling on this federal holiday.

With that in mind, we hope you have a marvelous time at this year’s Fourth of July celebrations in New Jersey!

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