Bluebell Relocation Services

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Job/BOL Number:

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1st Available Delivery Day?

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Street Address

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Address Line 2

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ZIP Code

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Access for a 53ft tractor and trailer?

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If no direct access for a 53ft tractor and trailer, a smaller truck (shuttle) will be required to access your new home. Shuttle fee will varies accordingly to shipment size. The minimum fee is $350 for up to 300 cubic feet, there after is $0.75 per each additional cubic feet Stairs at Delivery?*

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How Many Steps, if applicable?

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1 flight (up to 12 steps) of stairs is included free of charges. Any additional Flight will be charge $50.00. Any Long Carry beyond 75ft involved?*

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Up to 75ft from the truck to your front door is include. Every additional 75ft will be charge $50.00 Please Sign Here

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I agree that if any of the information above is not accurate, I will be charged on the delivery day for any accessorial fee previous described on my Estimate Cost of Services if applicable.

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