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Eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies

Eco-friendly bag

Billions of tons of waste filling landfills globally every year, and people who are environmentally conscious are trying to minimize their carbon footprint. If you’re one of them, you will be happy to hear that there are eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies when moving. One of the way is to hire green professional packing services NJ has to offer. Still, if you’re packing on your own, you can still make a difference and make your move more eco-friendly.

Getting reusable boxes – one of the eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies

The biggest problem with moving is that it leaves a lot of mess behind it. Mess that doesn’t only clutter your home, but also has a negative impact on the environment. Packing materials are usually hazardous to the land, but there is always the greener alternative.

One of the eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies is to order reusable moving boxes. There are many companies that manufacture reusable heavy-duty plastic moving crates of different sizes that you can use for years to come. They are especially handy if you wish to take advantage of storage NJ has to offer.

Surely, plastic is the number one polluter, but in this case, is much greener than the cardboard boxes. Simply because you can use them long after your move. This material is durable, can sustain harsh weather conditions and it is water-resistant. Meaning you can store your items for a long run in them and not worry about them suffering any damages.

Let’s be honest, everybody is storing things in their home or even in storage facilities. Christmas decorations, seasonal gear, celebration decorations – those are just some of the things that we keep out of sight until we need them. Investing in plastic bins will keep them safe, and at the same time make your move greener.

Plastic bins - one of the eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies

Collecting used cardboard boxes

If you’re moving on a very thin budget that doesn’t cover the purchase of reusable plastic bins, think about gathering the used cardboard moving boxes. However, it will be best to purge your home of unnecessary things before. There are many reasons to donate your items before moving, and this one is just one of them.

When you use boxes that were previously served their purpose, you’re prolonging their life. Not to mention that you’re getting boxes for free. Local shops, supermarkets, and wine stores usually have a lot of such cardboard boxes. In most cases, they will be thankful that you’ll take them off their shoulders and save the trip to the recycling facility.

Speaking of recycling, in order to make your relocation eco-friendly, be sure to recycle all those boxes after you finish with them.

Cat sleeping in a box

Use the wrapping you already have in your home

No matter are you conducting long distance relocation or you are moving to another neighborhood – you need to secure your things. With lots and lots of wrapping material.
Plastic wrap with bubbles is the material that will provide the most protection. However, it is very bad for the environment since it is almost impossible to recycle.

The good news is that there are biodegradable packing goods you can use instead, but they do come at a bigger cost. The even better news is that you might have everything you need to protect your items in your home.

Think for a second about your belongings. There are towels, blankets, T-shirts, sweaters, clothes, linings, pillows and all sorts of other soft items amongst them. Switching any lights?
Since you have to move them either way, why not put them to use? Wrapping other items in such items and not only that you will save space, but the money for packing materials also.  It will be completely eco-friendly since those are the items that you already own.

Speaking of the things you own, another way to move eco-friendly is to declutter your home. There are many ways to declutter your home when moving and this is a step that you shouldn’t miss. Not only because your moving costs will be lower, but it’s also the way to diminish your carbon footprint.

It’s really simple actually – the less thing you have, the smaller the moving vehicle you will require. A smaller truck needs less gas. Therefore, it emits less harmful fumes. Hence –  greener relocation!
All because you decide to let go of the things that you truly don’t need anymore.

Sweater - use it for wrapping as one of the eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies

Finding green alternatives is another of eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies

In some cases, you can’t escape the popping of the plastic bubbles. Extremely breakable items will require wrap with bubbles and other cushioning materials. If you want to use eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies, the solution is to find greener alternatives.

Luckily, there are other supplies that can provide the same protection without being hazardous to the environment.

  • Cornstarch – Organic and biodegradable, cornstarch comes from maize plants. Thus, it has no negative effects on the environment. You can use it instead of plastic due to its plastic-like features. It is suitable for the packaging of various types of items.
  • Paper and cardboard – These materials are eco-friendly, recyclable, and affordable. The crumbled paper can provide nice cushioning for your items.
  • Biodegradable air peanuts – Light, breathable and biodegradable these peanuts are ideal for packing your things. Small and powerful, they provide much bigger protection than their look reveals.
  • Air pillowsInflatable air pillows are ideal for providing cushioning and filling any gaps in boxes. Extremely suitable for packing fragile items. They are made from biodegradable materials, can be recycled and reused while their production does not affect the environment.
  • Palm fiber – Palm fiber is very soft and it provides a high level of protection for fragile items. It is a great alternative for the plastic wrap, and completely eco-friendly one. Production of packing materials with palm fibers doesn’t affect the environment since it doesn’t use any chemicals. It is completely natural process of drying palm leaves and then extracting its fibers.


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