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Easiest ways to find local movers in NJ

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Are you moving to New Jersey? Want to have a pleasant experience, but you just cannot find local movers in NJ to help you? Then you are not alone in this! Moving companies in NJ for small moves are notoriously tough to find. And even if you do find them, screening them and figuring out which one is the best will take some time. But worry not – we are here to help you with this process! In this article, we will help you

The people around you can help find local movers in NJ

The first thing you will want to do is to simply ask around. There are a lot of professional movers NJ, but you will want to find the company that you are sure you can trust and rely on! And the best way to do this is to simply ask people about their experiences. Talk to your friends, your colleagues, your neighbors – anyone you can!

people sitting and talking

If they have moved, then they will give you a lot of useful information. First, they can recommend some amazing local movers in NJ for you! And even if they do, ensure you ask them a lot of questions about their experience. For example, how happy were they with the move? Was there anything missing, or anything that they were not as ecstatic about? This way, you will be able to address any possible problems with a good company before they occur!

On the other hand, if they had a horrible experience with a moving company, they can warn you against using it. This way, you can evade the fraudulent moving companies when you try to find local movers in NJ. If your friends fail you, you should go online.

Try searching for moving companies online

Internet browsers can be a great help when trying to find local movers in NJ. All you need to do is just type your location next to some keywords. For example, if moving in Hoboken, then you will search for Hoboken moving companies. This way, you will get various lists, websites, or review collections.

a laptop on a table

Sit down and jot the companies that seem like the best fit. You will want to create a list of a dozen of them, which will then drop as you go along. With this list, you will want to start visiting review websites and screening your companies. Read up as much as you can about each company. You will want to look for any red flags that the reviews will raise. For example, if there is the very same complaint running rampant through the reviews, and the company doesn’t seem to be addressing it, then you might want to avoid them.

However, be very careful when reading the reviews. Some companies have found ways to game the system and create a perfect score for themselves. Remember, it is perfectly acceptable for a company to have a few negative reviews. After all, if they have been working in the industry for some time, unsatisfied customers are bound to pop out. What you need to pay attention to the trends we mentioned. This can be a sure way to notice something amiss.

Once you read up on the reviews, you should be able to remove some companies from the list. From there, we are moving to contacting them and asking for references and estimates.

Contacting the companies

The next step in your adventure is to contact the moving company and get a free estimate. At this time, you should also ask for a couple of references from each company on your list. There are a couple of things you can learn from all of these about the company you are screening.

a person on the phone

First, you should take note of how the company representatives behave on the phone. Are the professional and polite? This should tell you a lot about how a company treats its clients. You do not want someone rude or brash treating your items in the same way, right? This also applies to the estimator too. They usually need to come to your home, and you can examine their behavior. The estimator should ask to see everything you are planning to move. This can mean also opening the cupboards or showing them the attic too. Take note of how detailed they are, because this can tell you a lot about the company!

Then, make a point of calling the references and having a chat with them. You will want to talk to them just like you did to your friends. Ask them detailed questions – things that will not only require a yes or no. Ask them what they would change about the company, and what they liked the most. This way, you can gauge just how reliable and truthful they are being. Sadly, come fraudulent companies will give you fake references too – so pay attention!

Finally, when all of this is done, you will compare the bids the companies gave you and pick the one you want. But what if you don’t need to?

What if you don’t have to find local movers in NJ?

As you might imagine, this process can get quite complicated. New Jersey state has a lot of companies to offer, so it can be hard to choose. But what if you don’t have to? What if we tell you you have already run into the best NJ movers – us! Bluebell Relocation Services NJ is a reliable and experienced company. We specialize in all sorts of moves, and can help you get the local relocation you deserve! So don’t waste a second – pick up your phone and contact us today!

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