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Difference between binding and non-binding estimate

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When organizing a move, one thing that worries most is the moving budget. You barely found time to prepare, pack, and set aside a proper amount to cover it all. Now you realized you must pay more than anticipated? Not a good feeling at all. This happens when we do not read the moving contract and agree to something we do not fully understand. Therefore, you must know the difference between binding and non-binding estimate. Let us explain.

The difference between binding and non-binding estimate

Moving estimate or widely known as moving quote is the final price of the service. But, is it final? This is the major difference between binding and non-binding estimate. Upon evaluation, movers will present you with the price that can be set in stone or it can be changed at any time between point A and point Z. Therefore, you must know the rules and regulations, prices, and your company’s business model. This all can vary drastically depending on the size of your cargo, driving distance, time invested, manpower used, etc. Communicate everything in detail before you agree to anything.

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Make sure you understand what you are signing.

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How does it work?

To put in layman terms, a binding estimate is a fixed price that you agree upon once your moving project is evaluated. You are presented with a fixed price and it cant be higher than that. On the other hand, a non-binding estimate is a basic price with an open end. This means your bill can grow depending on the situation. For example, if anything changes mid-process you must cover the cost. Let’s say that on moving day you have 20 more boxes than initially presented. Or all of a sudden there is a pool table and a fish tank added to the whole batch. If the agreement changes along the way, the price will change as well. It works both ways.

Now when you know the difference between binding and non-binding estimate, what is the best option?

You must decide which moving estimate NJ works out the best for you. Although, you must be very careful with non-binding estimates because they are much more susceptible to moving scams. But as long as you make a deal, put everything in writing, and pay with a credit card, you should be fine. Make sure to ask your movers to explain which kind of moving estimates they provide. They should explain everything in detail beforehand and give you some time to evaluate the offer.

A reliable moving team by your side is the key to success.

Hiring movers and their lucrative packing services NJ is an affordable way to skip the whole tiresome moving process. You can supervise everything while someone else is doing the hard labor. But what you need on this journey is a reliable moving crew. You must browse online, read reviews, obtain references, and if you are lucky, you’ll find a moving company you can trust. If you find one, then you won’t have to think much about the estimates or moving scams. Keep in mind that movers should be transparent, licensed, and honest. And most high-esteemed ones are. Hopefully, you’ll enlist such a company and have an adventure rather than annoyance.

When hiring movers you must know the difference between binding and non-binding estimate
With a reliable moving team, you won’t have any difficulties. Be proactive and find one.

You shouldn’t enlist movers without a moving contract.

A serious and transparent moving company will assemble a moving contract. Having everything in writing is priceless and it will make you feel much safer. Simply list down all the services you purchased and the details of the deal you made with your movers. This way you will avoid moving scams and you won’t have to pay more than agreed upon. It is good to have a hard copy as well, so both parties can be sure that everything is nice and clean.

That was it, now you know the difference between binding and non-binding estimate. You will agree that it is not too complicated if you communicate the details openly with your movers. Make sure that you read your moving contract several times before signing. And pay closer attention to the fine print at the bottom. Good luck!

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