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Create a Moving Inventory List to Track Your Boxes

a moving inventory list being made

What are the worst nightmares of any person planning their move? Is it that you will arrive at a wrong address? That something will go so wrong during the move that you will not be able to recover from it? Maybe it is that both you and professional packing services NJ forget to do something and it costs so much money. All of these can be pretty real, and happen from time to time. However, one of the biggest nightmares to anyone moving is their boxes getting lost during the transport. Arriving at your new home without your items is not only tough but stressful as well. Luckily, with a good moving inventory list, you will be able to track your boxes with ease. Find out how to create it in this article!

Put everything down on paper

One of the most important things during every move is to create lists. They will help you a lot, no matter how useless they might seem. First, you will have everything in order. This way, you will know exactly what you are packing and what stays behind or goes to storage NJ. Then, nothing can beat that feeling of crossing things off the list after doing them. Finally, you can better prepare for what’s incoming when you ot it all written down.

a checklist
Create a checklist with all of your moving boxes.

So, before you even start packing your stuff, create a moving inventory list with all your items. You should even think about making a video or taking photos of your items. This is especially true for all your valuables. This way, not only will you know what you are taking and the condition you are sending them off in, but you will have clear proof of what they looked like before the move.

If there are any serial numbers or identifying details on items, make sure you get close-ups of them. This way, even if the movers somehow lose an item, you will be able to file an insurance claim with ease. What’s more, you should also make a copy of all your documents and paperwork somewhere outside of your home. This can either be online storage, or a safe deposit box.

Create a system in your moving inventory list

Another thing that will help you throughout the process is creating an organizational system you can use before the move. There are a couple of things that you can use, depending on your priorities.

a laptop
Decide whether you want to go digital or stay with paper and pencil.

First, you should consider using charts or lists. Depending on what helps you, you can either go into detail with spreadsheets or you can just jot down the most important tasks for your move on a piece of paper. What matters is that you create a moving inventory list where you will keep track of all your boxes, as well as what’s inside of them. Electronic versions might be better for this because you can edit them as you pack – and you can add more information, e.g. the room where they are going.

Of course, the risk here is time management. You will want a detailed list, but it will take you a lot of time to create it. So, if you are dealing with a short notice move, you might want to create just a simple moving inventory list instead of going into details with the costs of items, dates you bought them, etc.

Follow through with your moving inventory list

Creating a system to sort through and follow each box is nice, but if you don’t use it for the rest of the move, you only wasted your time. This is why it’s important to constantly check and update your list. For example, as you pack things and boxes, you should check them off in your list.

You should also think about marking the boxes clearly. For example, you can create a color system to separate your rooms. Living room boxes are marked red, bedroom blue and so on. Then, within the rooms, mark the boxes with numbers. This way, you will know that your towels are in the box marked with a red number three. Edit your moving inventory list in this way as you pack each box. Don’t wait for the end of the process, because you will not have enough time. Also, you can never be sure about what you packed after you are done the packing.

a moving truck
Make sure you are there to unload your moving truck and check for all the boxes.

Finally, you should use your moving inventory list as you unload the truck as well. Simply make sure that each box on your list is leaving the moving truck. If something appears to be missing, make sure you talk to your moving company immediately. You should do this before you start unpacking, because the more time passes, the harder it will be to locate and get your items back.


To conclude, there are a lot of great ways in which you can utilize a moving inventory list. It is a great way of following your boxes during a move. Since the moving process can be quite messy, this is beneficial to keeping all your things in order – and stopping anything from going missing. However, depending on the time you have to organize your move, you might not be able to go into too much detail when creating your list. What matters is to create a system that works for you, and stick to it throughout the packing process. Only in this way will you have a successful moving experience, and you will be able to avoid any stress that might come your way!

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