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Cost of living in NJ vs NY:what to consider

looking at New Jersey while trying to compare the cost of living in NJ vs NY

New York, a city that we all know. A city that never sleeps and offers a large variety of new opportunities. Unfortunately, the cost of those benefits is not small. New Jersey represents a good alternative to New York. However, it is important to compare the cost of living in NJ vs NY. It is possible to live in New York if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of space and money. Before you hire movers NJ to NYC, let us see what to consider when comparing those two cities.

Cost of living in NJ vs NY: a comparison

Maybe New Jersey is actually more your energy, and you don’t mind living a few hours away from Manhattan. The housing is more affordable, and you get more space for your money. In NJ, you can find one-bedroom apartments and studios for the price that you would pay in a living space shared with roommates in NY.

In New Jersey, you get more space and it is your own personal space. However, in New York, you get the commodity of living in the actual city. Also, you do not lose hours a day in transport. If this alone got you thinking about re-locating, one way or another, check out some interstate moving companies and get started.

Cost of Health

 First and foremost: health

When thinking about the move, one of the first things that come to mind is access to healthcare.  This factor is really important for you and your family. As healthcare is not cheap, it greatly impacts the cost of living. New Jersey is ranked number 14 out of all states when it comes to this matter.

Cost of living: things are cheaper in New Jersey

When comparing the cost of living in NJ vs NY, it is important to remember that everything is cheaper in New Jersey. The sales tax alone is 5% smaller in New Jersey than in New York. The two states are also different in after-tax wages. Another great thing is that there is no sales tax on clothes in New Jersey.

And if all of this didn’t make you start looking at North NJ movers, remember that the transportation costs are radically smaller in New Jersey when comparing to New York. New Jersey has a lot of modes of interstate transportations that are readily available, such as the PATH train. Regarding interstate transportation, there is a wide range of city buses offered in the Journal Square transportation hub. There is also the Light Rail train, and for all honesty, most people skip the step of buying the ticket and just avoid the ticket office.

Restaurants and diners

Even though New York is famous for its restaurants with countless Michelin stars and famous chefs, but New Jersey also brings a lot to the table. The difference is that the meals in the restaurants in New Jersey come at a reasonable price.

New Jersey diner

The variety of options is large, and you can find anything you crave, from Italian to Chinese, from French to Persian cuisine. Another thing is that New Jersey offers a variety of settings too, anything from mom-and-pop diners and bodegas to five-star restaurants. The home-style diners are famous across the state, and New Jersey has received the title of  Diners capital of the world. So the quality of food should also be accounted for in the ‘cost of living NJ vs NY’ debate.

New urban areas

When looking at the cost of living, you should not disregard the energy and the feel of the neighborhood you want to spend the majority of your time in. Most of the young crowd is attracted to New York and Williamsburg as it is the carrier of the alternative scene in New York. But, it is worth a mention that, as the popularity of living in Williamsburg sky-rocketed, the cost of living did the same. The prices are not so different than living in Manhattan, as they once were.

A lot of the younger crowd is moving to Jersey City and its similar atmosphere offered at a much lower cost.

Another perspective

New York still holds the record for being the most populated city in America, even if it is the most expensive city in America as well. With about 3 million people working in Manhattan, most of those people are still commuters that arrive by public transit from surrounding suburbs and towns. That means that more than half of the people working in Manhattan take about a 40-minute commute to work every day, as it is the standard commute time from the six most popular commuting hubs connected by the underground train: Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. It is on you to decide if you want to commute every day.

The movie-like experience

Living in New York, despite the high cost of living, can truly be like the movies. You get to live a lifetime in a day. The city is filled with job opportunities, be it in fashion, music, arts, or in business and finance. Additionally, professionals who work in NYC usually make a higher salary than those who work in New Jersey. However, is it all worth organizing a complicated move, hiring residential movers NJ, and leaving NYC?

Making a choice

Making a choice

So, when it finally comes to making a choice it is important to look at a multitude of factors. Sure, the living costs of NJ vs NY speak in favor of New Jersey. But, it boils down to what are your needs from your home. New Jersey has more affordable living and healthcare costs. It is a better solution for families and people who want their own peace and quiet. If you are a person that thrives under movement and a fast-paced tempo, New York is for you. In the end, try both and find your place, no decision is set in stone.

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