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What to check before signing a moving contract?


It is completely understandable if you are the type of person who shies away from all legal issues. After all, had you wanted to be surrounded by it, you would have become a lawyer, right? Well, even though you don’t want to, sometimes you will be forced to read, sign, and interpret legal documents. Of course, that is all purely for your benefit, as legal matters are not something to play around with. If you are moving, you will have to come face to face with a moving contract, unless you opt for a DIY move, of course. So, what should you know before signing a moving contract? Are there specific points to look at? As an experienced and trustworthy relocation professional, we would like to share some valuable knowledge with you!

The importance of a moving contract

We will for a moment assume that you have no idea why it’s of utmost importance to sign a moving contract. Although, every person on the planet should know by now that a moving contract will to some extent protect you from moving fraud. And trust us, that’s something you really want to avoid. Moreover, a person should always be careful when signing a document of any legal importance. Important details are usually hidden between the fine print, and you should never just read between the lines when reading a contract. Otherwise, you could sign something you cannot fulfill but will be obliged to do because of your signature.

A man in a suit signing a moving contract.

Important things to check before signing a moving contract

Signing a moving contract is the last step of your search for movers. Once you get to the actual signing, it means that you have found the perfect local or long distance movers for you. But not everything is as easy as it seems, and in order not to make the wrong choice (which you easily can, as companies have gotten smart in their fraudulent ways) you should make sure the company you hire has all the important qualities. And they are as follows!

First things first – license and insurance

The talk about the important qualities of a moving company could go on for days. But, one thing everyone will agree on is this one. For a company to even be considered, it has to have the necessary accreditation. That includes licenses and insurance. These days, every information is available online, so you can easily check your company’s DOT number, for example. Besides, you can also ask your company of choice to show you the necessary paperwork. Any company worth their salt will have no problem doing so. Therefore, make sure you check their legality before signing a moving contract.

Can they cater to all of your needs?

When moving, you will have many needs, and that’s bound to happen. You may need help with moving your parents so you will need senior movers who specialize in this area. Likewise, you may need auto shipping help as you have more than one vehicle and no way to bring them all to the new location. Rest assured that for your every need, a certain moving company will have a solution. It’s just a matter of finding it. But, this is something you should do long before signing the contract with a moving company. You don’t want to be stuck with a company that can’t cater to your needs, do you?

Are their moving reviews positive?

For every legitimate company out there, you will be able to read moving reviews. After all, people are all too keen on voicing their opinion and expressing their satisfaction. But, this is one of those things to be extremely careful with. Sometimes, the moving companies will hire professionals to write the reviews you read and think are genuine. How do you separate the genuine reviews from fabricated ones? 

A man giving a one-star review.
  • Pay attention to the number of negative reviews. A company that has only 5-star reviews is most likely the one involved in fraudulent activities.
  • Pay attention to the language. An average person will not write a review with vocabulary and grammar appropriate for academic work.
  • Pay attention to personal names. If you see any reviews where a person says that John was extremely polite while Isaac was careful with their belongings, be wary.

Look at the moving quotes before signing a moving contract

They may be at the very end of our article, but they are extremely important for your upcoming relocation. For those not informed, a moving quote is a written estimate of the price of your upcoming move. Now, we all understand that you will be looking for the most affordable moving quote you can find. Relocation is expensive, and no one blames you for trying to spend only what you have to. But, be careful – if you run into any offers that are much lower than the competition, you have run into a fraudulent moving company. Moving companies know how to appreciate their work while appreciating you at the same time.

Request an estimate before you sign a contract

There are two ways to go about this – you could take a free online moving quote calculator most moving companies offer on their websites, or you could request an in-home price estimate. As reputable professionals, we advise the latter. An on-site estimate is always a better choice, as it will leave you with a precise quote.

A pink and blue piggy bank.

If the price agrees with you, the only thing left for you to do is to decide on the type of the estimate. There are three types of moving quotes: 

  1. A non-binding estimate
  2. A binding estimate
  3. Binding not-to-exceed estimate

The only one who can decide which one is the right one for you is, you guessed it, you. But, make sure you come to this decision before signing a moving contract. Otherwise, you could be in trouble when your movers request more than you agreed to pay, and all because you didn’t bother to look at what you signed.

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