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Best places to donate unwanted items in NJ before a move

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People move daily, and they move a lot. Each relocation brings many opportunities and many tasks to complete. You must organize packing, hire reliable movers NJ, and relocate safely. On top of it, you should remove some of the old stuff and bring a few new pieces into your new home. But what to do with all the unwanted items you possess? The best way is to give it to someone who can find it useful. Let us introduce a few places where you can donate unwanted items in NJ. Let’s make people happy!

Have you decided on the items you are donating?

Now, before you pack and start looking for moving companies Newark NJ, you must inspect your belongings. This is a moment where you’ll figure out how much stuff you have and which kind of moving service it requires. Also, how much packing materials you’ll need to cover it all. Inspect everything and once you have the numbers crunched, call your movers, and organize the whole deal.

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Do your de-cluttering and figure out what you can donate.

What is important here is to declutter before the moving day. Not only that you’ll start fresh but you will identify all those items you do not need anymore. Those items should go on a “to donate” pile. Get them cleaned up and packed before you give them away. By covering the whole process, you will get rid of everything swiftly and cut the moving costs. Do it right and emerge victoriously.

You can donate unwanted items in NJ at Goodwill Donations

Let us begin with a serious organization working in the field for over a century. Goodwill has locations all over the country and you can easily organize a pickup. The deal is that they will sell donated items for a reasonable price and use the money obtained to fund people in need. These are largely seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities seeking help, employment, or education. Also, they work a great deal with younger individuals seeking education and further training in a certain field. Overall, you are donating to a good cause. Someone will use your items still, while another will get a chance to fulfill their dreams. Priceless!

Vietnam Veterans Donations

It is amazing what Vietnam Veterans of America did for their fellow members. It is an organized full circle service running 40 years strong. This includes fighting for the rights, healthcare, general help, and donations for our veterans. Therefore, schedule a pick-up, and these wonderful people will transport your donation to one of their hubs across the country and distribute it adequately. Help out our war veterans and be proud of it!

Donate unwanted items in NJ simply by calling the Furniture Bank Association

As the name says, it is a place where you can donate all your unwanted furniture. The goal is to redistribute your furniture to families in need. And they are achieving this goal for 20 years straight. They are linked with many organizations across the continent and you should find the closest hub online. Give them a call and organize your local movers NJ for distribution when you are ready.

Habitat for Humanity

Another place where you can donate unwanted items in NJ is Habitat for Humanity. It is a Christian housing community focusing primarily on building affordable housing for people in need. They accept all kinds of donations but considering their goals, construction material and furniture are extremely valuable. Also, all kinds of appliances no matter the condition they are in. These magnificent people will make it all work and ready for further use.

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Your small donation can turn someone’s life around. Make the change!

Last stop for the day, AMVETS

AMVETS is the organization focused on Veterans, providing help and means to get them back to their everyday life. They began after WW2 and they achieved amazing things to this day. Similar to Goodwill, they established thrift stores all over the country offering whatever comes their way. Here you can purchase furniture, appliances, clothing, and even toys. All affordable and accessible to everyone. The money gathered this way is invested in one of the countless programs helping Veterans getting back on their feet.

Most of these charities have a pick-up option

The places where you can donate unwanted items in NJ that we mentioned today have a pick-up option. But before you decide, you should give them a call to double-check if it is possible to arrange one due to the logistics and remoteness of the site involved. All in all, you have a few valuable choices in front of you. Do not throw away but donate and help someone in need. The only thing left here is to start packing and call your long distance movers NJ to cover the relocation stages ahead. You secured this one and you can rest assured it will go to a good cause. Now focus on your relocation and we wish you a successful and safe one. Good luck.

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