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Best neighborhoods for families in Jersey City

Jersey City neighborhood

Once we decide to relocate, probably the hardest part is to find the right neighborhood. Guided by our prerequisites, we embark on this magical journey. But what if your dream home is closer than you think? Maybe you are not aware of the awesomeness of a certain neighborhood? But do not worry, today we will present a few neighborhoods for families in Jersey City. It will make your choices much easier. Let’s take a look.

Relocate to one of the neighborhoods for families in Jersey City.

Once you find a neighborhood to move to, you must prepare your relocation project. You should obtain packing materials and organize the packing process. Then, declutter, downsize, clean, and remove junk from your home. And most importantly, you should calculate costs and find reliable movers NJ. What you need is an experienced and professional moving team to assist you.

Although, you must be sure that your movers possess all the tools, equipment, vehicles, manpower, and licenses. Once you are sure that your movers are up to the task, browse, and find moving services NJ that suits you best.

Down in the Town

Younger families hyped-up New Jersey’s Downtown. And for a reason. It is a place with countless places you can eat, drink, and most importantly, have fun with your family. And once you arrive, you must visit one of the two biggest parks in Jersey City, Van Vorst Park, or Hamilton Park. Both are equally good and your kids will love it. Here you’ll find playgrounds, swings, jungle gyms, and plenty of green areas for a picnic or a BBQ.

New Jersey Downtown
Younger families chose this place for a reason. NJ Downtown is the place to be in.

With the low crime rate, great job opportunities, and solid infrastructure, it stands among the top five neighborhoods. Furthermore, you must know that

Liberty Park

Everyone has heard about Liberty Park and the amazing opportunities you can find there. It is ranked among the top neighborhoods for families in Jersey City for years now. And all because of the incredibly low crime rate, high incomes, and a stable economy. Not to mention schooling and job opportunities. And we shouldn’t forget the Liberty State Park which is the hallmark of this neighborhood. Your family will always find something to do there and you will appreciate the recreational possibilities it has to offer.

So, Liberty Park is a place where you can raise your family. Your kids won’t have to travel far from their childhood, through the school, and to their first job. This neighborhood has it all.

The Waterfront is one of the best neighborhoods for families in Jersey City!

One neighborhood that stands way above all rest is The Waterfront. We simply must mention it because it is almost flawless and anyone considering moving to this area should take a look at it. It is similar to Liberty Park but with three times higher numbers. This means that it has the lowest crime rates in NJ, the best job and school opportunities, high-income rates, and a stable housing market. The economy is impeccable as well as the infrastructure. Not to mention all those condos and apartments with the waterfront views. And tons of places to have fun with your family. Although, the cost of living is slightly higher compared to the other neighborhoods in the state. But for such a high rating, less than 10% more is bearable.

The Waterfront is the best among the neighborhoods for families in Jersey City
Waterfront might be the place for you. You won’t find a better quality of life and a nicer view in Jersey City.

Hackensack Riverfront

We will finalize this list with a quiet yet urban neighborhood. Hackensack is for sure a place to raise a family in and live a peaceful and quiet life. Although, it has some nice features hidden and tucked away. It has enough schools, shops, restaurants, and recreational areas to accommodate all your needs. And just a bus stop away you’ll find other neighborhoods if you wish to go for a job hunt, fun times, or a night out. Make noise somewhere else while sleeping peacefully in Hackensack! This neighborhood is probably best balanced for everyday families. So, you shouldn’t wait any longer. Contact moving company Jersey City and make your way here. Hackensack awaits.

And there are many neighborhoods for families in Jersey City you should also take a look at. Notable ones are The Heights, West Side, Lincoln Park, Journal Square, and Bergen-Lafayette. Now when you have options and more knowledge about it, it is time to take a pick. And whatever you choose, we are sure you’ll have a wonderful time and a prosperous future ahead. Good luck.

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