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Benefits of furniture assembly and disassembly when moving to Newark NJ

Furniture and artwork inside a room

Moving is a complicated endeavor with many stages one must cover. You should organize, pack, protect your furniture, find movers, dedicate a budget, clean, and the list goes on and on. But probably the reason why we always need movers NJ is the robust furniture we possess. Furniture assembly and disassembly when moving to Newark NJ is a hard task to complete. More so if you are doing everything alone. So, let us explain the benefits of disassembling your furniture and what to know for future reference.

Wrap up your moving plan first

Before you begin, you must know how much furniture you possess and what can be disassembled in the first place. So, inspect all your furniture and list it down onto your moving checklist. Once you have it all in one place, then you must calculate how many packing supplies and tools you need for the job. Gather everything and start your disassembling project. But this info is not only valuable to you but for your furniture movers NJ as well. If you intend on hiring a professional to take care of this part, it will mean a lot if they know a few details upfront. Therefore, inspect everything nicely and gather the basic info first.

Cupboards and other kitchen elements

Positive sides of furniture assembly and disassembly when moving to Newark NJ

If you know how to disassemble your furniture, then the whole process is highly beneficial. You will load your moving truck easily, stack pieces nicely, have more space overall, etc. Most importantly, you will move pieces much easier and reduce the risk of any damages. And if you hire fewer movers, a smaller truck, and do some things yourself, your relocation will be much cheaper. But before you attempt anything, take a picture of the original state, keep your small pieces organized and know where they are, and ensure you know how to assemble everything back together.

It can help a lot

Again, if you know what you are doing, disassembling can be quite productive and your relocation will be reduced to small pieces and boxes only. But to do it right, you must have the right set of tools and a bit of knowledge. So, gather the following:

  • Basic toolkit – You can complete this task with a basic homemade toolkit if you invest a bit of time, energy, and patience. Although, do not use any power tools unless you are 100% sure you know how to handle them. One small slip and you can damage your furniture permanently.
  • Cardboard boxes – Use cartons as a buffer between bigger pieces as well as to wrap and protect smaller ones. You will need a few boxes as well for all those baggies with bolts, pins, and screws.
  • Packing tape – A higher-quality packing tape is required to hold everything together. Stack your disassembled pieces together, wrap them in a carton or bubble wrap, and tape it down. It will add another layer of protection and keep the surface of your item intact.
Using power tools for furniture assembly and disassembly when moving to Newark NJ

Be careful with furniture assembly and disassembly when moving to Newark NJ

Furniture assembly and disassembly when moving to Newark NJ won’t be an easy task. If you do not know what you are doing you might damage your furniture beyond repair. This is extremely important when we talk about the old and antique pieces or extremely valuable ones. Remember, some furniture is designed to never be disassembled. You will know this as soon as you look at the screws, bolts, and pins that are holding everything together. But if you are not sure or not confident enough to do it, consult with your movers Newark NJ. They will provide sound advice on this topic and prevent possible irreparable damage.

Now you know more about the benefits of furniture assembly and disassembly when moving to Newark NJ. Again, we must advise covering this moving stage only if you have the right tools, enough knowledge, experience, and patience. It is no easy task, but it brings a lot if you can execute it safely and efficiently. If you think you are not ready for this, consider hiring residential movers NJ. Whatever you choose, we wish you the best of luck.

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